Harrow Sweet pear scion source?

persianmd2orchardDecember 18, 2012

Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone knows where to find some wood for this?

Sounds like a good combo of disease resistant and fruit quality.

Cummins has trees but no scion. Corvallis doesn't have it available. I have never contacted Richard Fahey @ Catholic Homesteading Movement, but I figured he may be some one to try since he's in NY?

Many thanks.

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I might have some, would need to go look.
Bob Purvis used to have it as scionwood

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alan haigh

The variety is still under patent so distribution of wood is not legal- that's probably why wood is not available.

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Didn't this came up last year in discussing this variety here on GW?
I thought that it was you Harvestman that was lamenting the slow bearing of pears often letting the patent run out on good varieties; so that the folks doing the work were not being fairly compensated for their efforts (all of which I agree with)
I remembered many of the harrow series being used as example....shows why I shouldn't trust my memory!

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alan haigh

I almost offered some wood but checked the ACN catalogue on-line and they are still charging a royalty for Harrow Sweet. Wish there was a way you could just send the breeding program a few bucks and graft away.

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How does the patent thing work? I have about 300 trees in my orchard most of witch I paid the patent on. When I am in grafting mode I graft spicific trees and usually have 50 or so scions left. I wander in the woods and along fence lines and quick graft till I am tired of it. Some of the grafts from 98 and 99 from my 80 year old orchard are doing great with no spray or pruning. Can I do the same with some of the newer resistant trees?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Fruit tree patent from 1995 to present will expired in 20 years. Any patent before 1995 will only last for 17 years.


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alan haigh

The intent of the law and the manner it is enforced, I believe, is to stop commercial growers from topworking or setting out their own grafted trees of a patented variety in a commercial setting, although I'm sure the relatively minor royalties received from home growers isn't something just to give away.

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