What are you planting this season?

RobThomasDecember 25, 2013

Just curious what everyone has or will be planting this planting season.

I have on order from Burnt Ridge one each of Sansa, Sweet Sixteen, Bella, Gold Star, and Hudson's Golden Gem apples, and Kens Red Kiwi.

Last week I drove to my local grower and purchased 2 Fuyu and 2 Jiro persimmon trees, 2 White Diamond and a White River peach, a Byron Gold plum, and Spring Satin pluot. All 9 trees for $20!

So what's on your list for this year?

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I'll be planting two sweet treat pluerries and a multi-graft pluot.

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Still doing my homework. I'm looking for something I can espalier and harvest in the August-October time frame. Candidates so far on an ever growing list:
Hosui Asian Pear
Granny Smith Apple
Fairtime Peach

I'm also looking for a PD resistant late season grape. I love Crimson Seedless, but I finger smashed a lot of sharpshooters this year. Hopefully it won't succumb to PD, but I don't hold out too much hope.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I just planted a Santa Rosa Plum,mostly to be used as a pollinator,although the fruit is very good too.Also an Alma Fig and an Oneal Blueberry from Legg Creek Farm in Texas.The Fig was good size,about four feet.The shipping was free for awhile,so it worked out fairly well.
Another order will be coming in Spring from Raintree.Newberry Blackberries that Scott Smith talks highly about,a Nova Elderberry to help pollinate a John's and Purple Royalty and Jewel Black Raspberries. Brady

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Hey Brady I just put in a weeping Santa Rosa mostly for ornamental value.

Old Mixon Free peach
Niwot everbearing black raspberry
Jewel Black Raspberry (free replacement for failed bare root)

Black Diamond Blackberry
Loch Ness Thornless Blackberry (for jam)
Newberry is not hardy enough else I would add it!
Southmoon blueberry
Sweetcrisp blueberry
Chipman's Canada Red Rhubarb
Caerulea Blue Elderberry

Thimbleberry - Rubus parviflorus
For my forest edge berry garden at my cottage.
Numerous Ribes and Rubus plants are there already.

I'm taking it easy this year and may add more in the fall. I want to see how well various plants do before adding more.
How well each does will determine what I will add.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Hey Drew,
That's cool.Santa Rosa is a nice Plum.Thanks to Luther Burbank.
Good looking list.Where's the Sweetcrisp coming from?It may need some protecting if it gets too cold.It's patent indicates that the plant hardiness is about five degrees during Winter dormancy.The coldest this year here was about 15F and the leaves stayed on and are green.It rarely gets 10F or below in this area. Brady

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A local farmer retired, who was planting 3 ac here. I sold blueberries and fruit at his stand. He said he would prep the fields for hay ect before he left, I said no but he and his family were welcome to come and pick what they wanted as long as I lived here. We had a good 20 year run. The next day he stopped in and dropped a harrow, grader and cultivator and his words were these are the only toys your Tonka 40 hp john deere will pull. In early November I ordered 500 strawberries (4 kinds early -late). 500 rasberries (e-l) and 104 fruit trees. What I was worried about was was what to sow on the rest. Now I am thinking "how do I get Mrs G to come up to see Bar harbor between April 20thand May 6th"

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Awesome Raven! Good luck!
Brady, I'm growing the blueberries in pots. My other blueberries are in raised beds but are Northern HB. Southmoon is rated for here, but I want to take it with me when I move in 5 years. I think I'm going to add a fig tree too, in a pot to keep the blueberries company in my garage.
I'm getting the Southmoon from bay laural, and the sweetcrisp from real flora. I didn't order yet, so hopefully they won't sell out before I do. They have 17 in stock.

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IâÂÂm still debating whether to get a minnie royale cherry or maybe
a third pluerry for my garden. Sure, I want to be the first in my area to have early ripening cherries, however, it is its low chill that worries me. Here in the California High Desert, we get more than 580 chill hours and from time to time, we have late frosts----late march to early April. Thus, I fear that the flowers might be killed or even the fruit. Therefore, IâÂÂm unsure right now.

I should get a third pluerry or maybe a cot-n-candy aprium?

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Puggylover Zone 9B Norco, CA

Just sent in my order to Bay Laurel Nursery for Sundowner Apple, Minnie and Royal Lee Cherry (trying dwarfs this time) & August Pride Peach. Quite the puny order for me this year.

Anyone have experience with Sundowner Apple tree?

Mr Clint~
I planted Fairtime Peach last year in hopes of a later peach variety. Fingers crossed it sets fruit and tastes good!

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Sundowner not quite as tasty IMHO, as its sibling Pink Lady.

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I forgot about the strawberries I'd ordered. 25 each of Ozark Beauty and Seascape. That reminds me that I still need to get the wood to make the raised beds.

I also bought a few small banana trees. I plan to grow those in pots and overwinter them in the greenhouse. Would like to eventually get fruit, but it will at least be fun trying.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I saw on your plant list,the Drippin' Honey Asian Pear.Has it fruited yet and if so,what's the flavor like?I have one grafted with a Chojuro,that was planted last year.Maybe there will be some to try next Fall. Brady

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I am planning on.planting a few low
chill apples, a few types of plums, and a couple different pears.

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Brady, I just planted mine about a year ago, so no fruit yet. I did start a thread about it last year, and I've posted a link below. If you get fruit this year, I'd like to hear about the flavor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drippin' Honey thread

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This fall I planted a Natchez and an Apache blackberry and a Russian and an angle red pomegranite. I am in zone 7 N. VA. Last spring I started some artichokes with the hope of overwintering them and getting artichokes next season. Here is a photo.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

14 grape varieties from Double A Vineyards. All the zone 5b seedless varieties and hardier they are selling. All raves on the Garden Watchdog for this company.

Adding to my small orchard area of about a dozen fruit trees; I'll be adding:
Yellow Delicious
several more nectarines
all from Stark Bros.

Just ordered a Hican 'T-92' from Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery.

Planted seeds (greenhouse) of a bit over 1,000 pecan and hickory - mostly cultivar seed (shag, shell). I'll use some for grafting rootstocks and sell the others.


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Well, moving to a new house and changing my set up abit! Bringing whats left of my potted blues with me. Also transplanting Kishu Seedless Manderine and taking root cuttings of Tupi Blackberry. Looking for a good Tangerine to right now. Just bought a Golden Grapefruit and Genoa Loquat from Mr. Panzerella in Lake Jackson to add to the new yard. Genoa Loquats are bigger than any loquat available in the stats that Im aware of and are suppost to be delicious!

Recently got into the fig scene so I will be planting in ground Smith, VDB, Imp Celeste, Black Maderia, Texas BA-1, RDB, JH Adriatic and a unknow Peach/Apricot flavored fig. In pots I will have LSU Purple, MBvs, Bryant Dark, LSU Scotts Black

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Wow what lists! Raven's is particularly ambitious with 104 fruit trees.

This year I'm only planting 5 new fruit trees:

2 Calville Blanc d'Hiver apples
1 Tomcot apricot
1 Arborose apple
1 Reinette d'Ananas apple

Apples are not even my favorite fruit, but I just cannot resist new red fleshed varieties, or brilliant heirlooms. This should be one of my last tree orders, however I do say that every year.
I will order 5 more Caroline raspberries
50 more Mara des Bois strawberries, as they do not to well until their third year. Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a


Where are the apples coming from?
I want to try the Mara des Bois strawberries sometime. But happy with my cultivars, will need to find room.

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Hi Drew, Happy New Year. The trees are coming from Arboreum and Cummins. I strongly suggest Mara des Bois as they are the number one strawberry for flavor in France and are so sweet as well. Years three and four is when they really come into their own. They don't even mind weeds. Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Yes Happy New Year! I hope we all have a good year!. I look forward to spring!
Thanks I want to add some apples, but not for a long time, still i like to look ahead. Yes, Mara des Bois sound great. I guess a little slow, but some strawberries are. You do need to give them a chance. All of mine started out slow, but as they established produced more and more berries.

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Wow... I like reading what everyone is planting. I need to plant more fruit!

We just put in one each of the following apple whips a couple of weeks ago:

Hewe's Crab
Husk Spice
Kinnaird's Choice
Victoria Limbertwig

Can't wait 'til they leaf out!

In the future I would like to get some blackberries and grapes started. Some plums, a few figs, maybe a pomegranate? Now, nut trees would be nice, too. Ha, I guess it will never end. :)

Happy and bountiful 2014 to all.

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I will be busy around the end of March. Just ordered 100 fruit trees. Am adding a few new varieties this year. New varieties are Cortland, Pristine, Williams Pride and Jonathan. That will give me Seventeen different varieties. I'am sure that will keep me busy---------

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So far I have on order:
From Cummins
Novaspy apple
SunCrisp apple
Crimson Topaz apple
Spigold apple (all above on semi-dwarf stock M7,G30 or G202)
PF35 Fat Lady peach

From ACN
Emeraude white nectarine
Blazingstar peach
July Rose white peach
Dapple Dandy pluot

I have some pawpaw seeds in the fridge I plan to try to germinate.

I am also going to be branching out and growing figs for the first time, have 6 small plants and about 10 varieties of cuttings to root.

Should be a busy and fun spring!

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Jungs sells the Mara des Bois strawberries, and they're discounted this year. I believe you can get 25 plants for $7. I have them in my yard in a raised bed, and though the berries are small, they are my family's favorite. Not enough production for jam or anything, but a lovely handful of very sweet and flavorful berries every few days. (I probably only have 10 plants of that variety.) But then, this will be their third year. WI had a drought in summer 2011 when I planted them, and they kept producing through the hot and dry June/July weather until frost in October.

I need to put in some more strawberries, as my original planting of Earliglow and Tristar has been unsatisfactory. (They're in a low spot and frost hits in the spring. Also, their raised bed is far too wide for easy picking.). I was looking at AC Wendy and AC Valley Sunset. My children only eat strawberry jam.

I ordered a Harrow Sweet Pear, PF 24C and Blushingstar peaches, and Superior Plum from Grandpa's Orchard. I'm closely watching my thermometer in my yard to see if even the cold-hardy peaches would make it through this winter. So far, the weatherman says -12 in Madison, WI but my thermometer says 0. Hooray for being in town!

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I prep and freeze my strawberries until I get enough for jam. If making jam. My wife eats them daily, hard to save enough for jam! I grow Pineberries and I love them. Very unique tasting. Definitely our favorite. But I do like the taste of wild types too, and Mara des Bois is supposed to taste like them. I have a number of musk and alpine types too. I like them all!

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This years fruit plants

1) wonderful Pomegranate
2) Angle Red Pomegranate
3)Eversweet Pomegranate

4)sugar cane jujube
5) Honey jar jujube
6) so dwarf Jujube

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santo379(9, SE TX)

This year I planted 3 pluots and Tri-Lite peach(want to see how they do in my yard), Lemon fig, Suruga persimmon, Christina pomegranate from Florida, Texas Blue Giant fig, Banana fig, Gulf Blaze and Gulf Beauty plum, Beauty plum, Granny Smith apple, Tropic Snow peach, Mid-Pride peach, Snow Queen Nectarine, Sunmist Nectarine.

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This year I planted two sweet treat pluerries, a multi-graft pluot (Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Dapple Dandy, Flavor Supreme), a Stella cherry, and a Montmorrency cherry.

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Raspberries: Anne, Caroline, Autumn Britten
Blueberries: Jersey, Blueray, Reka
Plums: Au Rosa, Au Cherry, Early Golden, Opal, Early Laxton, Jefferson, Kenmore, President, Superior, Alderman, Kaga, Kahinta, Pembina, Black Ice
Peaches: Indian Free & Indian Cling
Black Currant: Consort, Titania, Crandall, Minaj Smyriou
Red Currant: Wilder
White Currant: Primus
Gooseberry: Invicta, Hinnomaki Red, Hinnomaki Yellow
Hardy Kiwi: Anna plus a male
Cherry: Surefire, Crimson Passion, Carmine Jewel
Grapes: Concord Seedless, Early Campbell, Edelweiss

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Against my better judgement...Lychee and Mangoes. Then the shelters to protect them. Like I don't already have enough to do.

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Oh Bamboo, I'd give anything to grow Lychee! So. . . short of that fabulous fruit, I've ordered another 300 strawberries to fill in the gutters I will buy. Yikes. Fruit and more fruit. Glad I've got someone to dig the holes for my next five trees! More snow tonight. Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

300! Wow! I bought 25 more and once I build a few more raised beds, will make a Strawberry A-frame. I decided instead of gutters on the frame, i would build wooden boxes slightly bigger than gutters, and deeper. Although gutters will last longer, maybe I will just use gutters. I can fill it with runners no problem. I removed about 25 runners last year, and it looks like I didn't remove any. Those strawberries are plant machines!

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Moved recently, so I'm starting over. 20 some peach trees, 20 blueberries, three sweet cherries, four plums, 50 strawberries, etc. Will have to wait until after I pull out more of those dreaded juniper hedges this summer to have more room for fruit trees next spring. I can't believe how many juniper bushes the former owner planted 40+ years ago. What an eyesore they are and they don't produce anything. Just awful bushes. Darn tough to remove.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


I love Lychee also but I am just too cold for them and for mangoes. We always get at least one freeze event here. What it means is I will have to build temporary structures around them to protect them. Put them up in December and take them down in March.

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Ztom - Where did you get your Crimson Passion, Carmine Jewel cherry plants. Most places want at least $28 for a small plant.

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I ordered them from honeyberryusa.com. They have the Carmine Jewel starting at $15 and the Crimson Passion for $18. I haven't ordered from them before, so I'll have to wait and see what their quality is like. There is a thread right now on Gardenweb for Romeo Cherries, and someone mentioned that one of the big retailers had a sale after planting season and was selling CJ for $7 a few years ago.

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My list is down from previous years, but I am getting 6 more elderberries; Sierra, Bonus, Collins, Darrow, Chandler blueberries (maybe more if my Southern varieties perished during this harsh winter); Tulamagic, Reveille, and Autumn Britten red raspberries. I'm adding a 100 ft row of black rasps: Jewel, MacBlack, Bristol, Logan, and I'll add another 200 ft of blackberries--Osage and Ouchita. I have 250 feet of TC's that I'm not happy with. They mature so late that they often are lost or severely damaged by heat. I'm also tired of enlessly pruning them. If I like these new ones, they will take at least part of the TC's place. I'll add a couple more Poorman gooseberries and a Jeanne and Black Velvet. No new black currants this year, but I am adding 2 more Rovadas and Von Tets. I finally succumbed to curiosity and ordered 3 grafted paw paws. I really don't know why as I am blessed w/loads of good wild ones. Finally, 2 more O'Henry and Indian Free peaches and a Pineapple pear. The latter was an impulse that I kind of regret. I may keep it out of the orchard and use it as landscape. I've added another dozen Nanking cherries to put in the landscape also. I also keep losing rhubarb and need 20 more Canada reds. I wouldn't mind another thousand asparagus either but will wait. I'm starting to intrude into my 5 acre veggie patch because I'm getting too old to keep that much up and demand for fruit is always high. I've ripped out all nects and sweet cherries and am ready to yank out the apricots as well.

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This year I added a Tropic Snow Peach and a Owari Satsuma Mandarin tree. I want a Kishu but I couldn't wait to find one available. Already have a Burgundy Plum, a Nectaplum and a Flavor Grenade Pluot that I planted last year. Also, a red suffolk grape as well.

I'm also adding a vegetable/fruit garden this year.

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thecityman, Zone 7a/6b near Nashville

What a fun thread. I'm also very impressed by the workload many of you are taking on! As for me, I planted several trees lastlate last fall, but here is what I've got planned for spring:

(Already arrived and ready for planting:)
6 Brown Turkey Fig Trees (already arrived!). Potted, 6 foot tall, well branched dormant trees in 4 gal pots for inground
1 Northstar Cherry

On order from Edible landscaping, est arrival in late March:

1 Susquehanna Pawpaw tree
1 Shenandoah Pawpaw tree
1 Hachiya Oriental Persimmon tree
1 Saijo Asian Persimmon tree
1 LSU purple fig tree
1 Conadria fig tree
1 Lattarulla fig tree

To be ordered or purchased locally:

1 Tomcot Apricot
1 Orangered Apricot
1 Easternglo nectarine
1 Lapins Sweet Cherry
1 Bosc Pear
1 White gold Sweet Cherry
2 Chinese Chestnuts

2 Pecans (? type)
1 Mulberry (from cutting from a known good producing tree)
8 blueberries (type to be determined)
8 Raspberry Plants ""
8 Black Berry plants ""

In the Garden:

Orangeglo Watermelon (orange inside)
Royal Gold Watermelon (orange on outside)
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon (like sugar baby but better)
Kolbe's Gem Watermelon (extremely large)
Carolina Cross watermelon (one of largest known species)
Charentais Melon (cantaloupe-like melon)
Hale's Best cantaloupes

The Garden stuff I've grown before and will gladly provide information on request. The tree stuff is all new to me and I'm open to comments, though I know some of them may not be ideal for my zone.

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