Apple Trees in Texas

instengDecember 7, 2012

I have some property about two hours south of Dallas and was wanting to plant some apple trees there. I am looking at Fuji, Golden Delicous, and Granny Smith. Is there any other types you would recommend I try? I am trying to get a variety of fruit trees there. I already have pecans, peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, fig, and blackberry bushes. Next year I will get some blueberry bushes from my neighbor.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The best late apple I've grown here is probably GoldRush. The fruit has all been small but I think that's a rootstock and watering issue. Pink Lady was spectacular in Amarillo but so far not here in Alpine. I do like Golden Delicious both here and Amarillo. Have heard good things about Mollies Delicious but that's a summer apple, late July to mid August according to Womack's Nursery in De Leon, Texas.

I like my Olympic, aka Korean Giant pear a lot. Also just ordered all 9 persimmon offered by Womacks. My Eureka has been very good both fresh and dried. Also just tasted a Fuyu grown in Leaky TX, good enough that I decided to try them all. They are about as free of pests and spring freeze damage as anything I've grown.

Basically my Eureka has required no spraying, pruning, thinning, or much of anything else besides watering and harvest. I dried some his year and they are very good. That's a good way to hold the fruit all winter.

PS: Womack's persimmon trees in the past have been wonderful size and quality for the money. And I wanted to try my first edit;-)

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redrac(9 NW Houston)

Honey crisp, Gala, Wickson crabapple. go to Kuffel creek and look at their top 20 for ideas.

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I'd try a fuyu persimmon; eureka or giombo or hichaya persimmon; some jujube's-li, land, sugar cane. Also a Tomcot apricot. I hear good things about Mollies Delicious, I'm planting one now. Dallas is marginal for pomegranates but should do well for you, maybe a wonderfull or a sweet

My favorite nursery is Womacks; you might google love creek orchards for some apple ideas; google lightsey farms to see what grows well in Mexia;google dallas fruit grower for a good blog

Texas A&M recommends for Dallas
Pear: Orient
Plum: Methley
Peach: Red Globe
Blackberry: Arapaho
Pecan: Caddo
Fig: Celeste
Persimmon: Eureka
Grape, white: Blanc du Bois
Grape, red: Champanel
Grape, purple: Black Spanish
Muscadine: Black Beauty
Citrus: Satsuma Mr. Mac
Apple: Holland

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darn, i posted to the wrong thread! sorry. Mollies Delicious

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I'm glad that you'all are having luck with apples. The main reason there aren't many commercially grown in Texas is cotton root rot, which stunts then kill the trees.

My mother had a crabapple that did well in West Texas, those pickled spiced crabapples were delicious!

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Well to be honest, I just had my first tree die of cotton root rot; and my other trees are just coming into Bearing; so I can't claim success yet.

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Thanks for all the responses. I'll do some checking on the recommendations and probably plant about 6 - 12 apple trees next spring. Maybe try some persimmons as well. I can get some cutting from a friends pomergranite I might try as well. I have orange and tangerine trees at my house in Houston. I might try to grow a few up at my land and see if I can put there where I can keep them from freezing.

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