Blueberry planting question

eric580December 28, 2012

Hello I am planning to grow blueberries using the blender method to separate the seeds,but I think using a growing box would be too much of a hassle. Could I do the exact same thing minus a growing box with a pot and potting soil? (place seeds on top of moist potting soil in a pot then cover with 1/4 inch potting soil, leave in indirect light until germination,bring into direct light and keep moist with a spray bottle). Please help. Thanks

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One more quick question. Do I need two different varieties of blueberry to produce fruit or I just need two blueberries?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

does your house have a forced air furnace ??? if so.. you will need to be sitting there spritzing them 24/7 ...

in other words.. humidity control in your house [a presumption, since you provide no facts] ... will be the base problem.. and with very tiny seedlings.. your window of opportunity for screwing it up.. will be vary large ...

i dont know what a growing box is..

but i would suggest you need some type of humidity dome at a minimum ...

after that.. are you relying on a window for light??? .. that may or may not be enough light for vigorous growth ...


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I don't know what a forced air furnace is,but I already have some houseplants that have moist soil for at least a few days. The direct light source isn't really a window, but a glass sliding door so the room has almost a full wall of light. So maybe I can make this work?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Where are the berries coming from?The seeds need to be stratified by cold for a few months first.If the berries are the ones in the frozen food section at the grocery store,that should work.
A pot should work.My first choice is peat moss.Yes,keep them moist.Two or more varieties are better than one. Brady

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

anything is possible eric ...

how is your house heated..

either a furnace that blows hot air..

hot water thru radiators ...

or a wood burning stove ...

eric.. i am a stay at home dad ... i suspect you are very young.. with moms permission.. can we get an idea of how old you are.. so we can give advice at your level.. just what level of school ... even if home schooled ...

my sliding glass doors.. here in MI.. ice up often .. based on the humidity in the house ... and anything close to them .. is not real happy .. and you MIGHT NOT have soil warm enough for germination ...

and back to humidity ... when my furnace runs like crazy ... there is no moisture on the glass.. because the furnace has burned off all the water in the air [humidity]and that means young tender seedlings MIGHT struggle to live..

a perfect little greenhouse for seedlings.. like at the link below.. can be recycled from something mom buys food in ...

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I am using frozen blueberries,but they are called "wild blueberries." So if I put plastic over the seedlings such as a clear plastic food container it will hold moisture like a terrarium?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Sometimes the packaging will even have the varieties listed.Wild Blueberries could be from some place like Maine,where there are dwarf plants,that are harvested with a special rake.Does the package give any more info about location or variety?If possible,check out the freezer section again.I'm almost certain some grower will put what kind of Blueberries are in the bag.
The plastic may help. Brady

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My house is heated by a furnace,but it must have a lot of humidity (at least in the basement). I was about to water the plants again because I watered a week ago and the soil is still pretty moist. I think the seedlings will easily germinate in my house without the plastic. Besides, I have done it numerous times. The wild blueberries are from Maine (I checked the bag). Does anyone know what the fraction is of how many seeds will germinate?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Okay Eric,they may be the small bush kind and not Northern Highbush than are usually cultivated.
If they are vital,they should produce quite a few.
Here are a couple of links to a guy growing them from seed. Brady

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Thank you for the link Bradybb:) I just did the final step of blueberry planting. I put them in a pot with moist soil then covered the pot with a damp newspaper in indirect light.

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