Peach tree not doing good

shambuDecember 14, 2012

I have a peach tree its been in the ground for over 5yrs now. Every year it get new leaves but the tree doesnt see to grow any tall or bear any fruit. Dont know to keep it or replace it with other tree.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

neither do i.. based on the lack of any pertinent facts provided ...

here are some ideas for more info:

where are you??

is it planted at proper depth??


whats your soil type

have you ever had a soil test done ...

do you fertilize it ..

is it a named variety ..

can you provide a picture ...

is it in FULL SUN ...

how big is it.. if it leafs.. it has to have grown taller ...

do you live in a zone with late hard frost/freeze???


more facts please ...


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I live in houston, TX. Its planted to proper depth - yes, I dont know the variety, its mulched, add organic fertilizer, soil never test, its in a flower bed with other plants. It has full sun. The tree is around 5ft with few branches and has leaves. but they fall during the winter and come back in spring

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do you fert the flower beds.. and then fert the tree in addition ???

too much fert can make a tree favor greenery.. over flower/fruit ... but even under that theory ... you would have excessive green growth.. and you dont even see that ..

regardless.. thx for the info ... i just do not see where starting over is going to get you anywhere faster ...

but 5 years is a long time .. hmmm.. i am stumped ...

are we sure the graft did NOT fail???

and i dont know the geography well enough to know if you are too far south for peach.. but that seems like an extreme theory ... see above re: stumped.. lol


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Had one just like that here in AZ. It just sat for about four years @5'. Tried everything. I kept thinking it would take off one year, but no. It was planted with other fruit trees and they all did just fine(2 are over 10' tall) To be honest sometimes its just a bad tree. It went to peach heaven last year.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Peach tree need to be planted alone they can't take congestion from other plants Grass lawn included Jug-lone is in all green plants Peach tree can't take any. Flowers all that I know of take more water than peach can take wet winter is biggest killer of peach tree's.

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alan haigh

Maybe you have a nemetode problem. Is the tree on a nemetode resistant root stock? If it isn't or you don't know the answer you should buy another tree from a nursery that sells trees on this. Not sure where your best source is in Texas.

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A mulch volcano can create that type of lack luster growth. Just a thought that wasn't mentioned yet. :)

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