peach tree pruning twigs

Plant_December 21, 2012

Hi there!

I planted a peach tree in november.
The tree has a lot of small twigs and is around 98 inches tall.

I'm thinking to cut the twigs off to give the tree a good start in spring. Is that okay?

When is the best time to prune (planted) peach trees?

I will post a picture soon.

Thanks! (zone= 7a)

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I understand it to be the same as apples; during dormancy, preferably late Winter. I could easily be wrong, so hopefully someone who knows better, provides better advice.

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Ok, thanks for helping!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a lot of tree peeps.. rather that fruiters.. would suggest.. that on a tree planted less than a month ago.. that it not be pruned for a year or two ...

think of every leaf as a food making machine .. to establish and grow a root system.. to produce fruit.. as soon as possible ...

crimminey man.. you planted it less than a month ago.. 6 weeks max.. and you already want to start amputating the thing.. how about we wait until next fall/winter ...

as they say in they movies.. put down the pruners.. and step away .. lol ..

subject to your pic..

good luck


ps: on a dormant late fall planting.. i always fear i will cut off the one branch that will actually live thru a MI winter ... so i NEVER prune that fast ...

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With peach trees, it is actually best to prune the first years. This will set the frame of the tree since you only get a dozen years from the tree anyways.

However, it is not recommended that they be pruned until spring. Peach trees should be pruned when actively growing. This will heal the wound faster and forestall any pathogens, and also wounded trees have a higher rate of winter injury.
Do a Google search. Peach tree pruning in (your state here).

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So, as I can see are here different comments.

When it's spring I will just prune dead wood and very thin branches.

Tnx for sharing!

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