Mara des Bois-- replacement/runners

chloeashaDecember 18, 2012

Hi all! I bought some Mara des Bois from Nourse and they did very well last year in my window boxes. I let a few runner out so I could increase my "patch." I was reading online, though, and some sites list MdB as biennial. For those who have had it, is it really biennial or is that simply talking about a drop in production for older plants? I was originally going to trim off runners this year to increase fruit size, but now am worried I need to replace my older plants and will have to let them reproduce. Thoughts? Thanks!

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Hello, I have grown Mara des Bois for three years. I too bought mine from Norse. They have never had runners. They bloom and fruit every year. Mrs. G

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

They grew like any other strawberry for me: they put out runners and you thin most of them and let a few replace the older plants. I expect someone was using "biennial" to describe how the newer runners don't produce berries their first year; I didn't notice behavior any different from your standard strawberry. Mrs G, I don't know why your plants are not producing runners.


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I don't either. Guess they're well behaved. :)

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Thanks, guys! I was really having a moment thinking gee, did I make a mistake here and misjudge my plantings? LOL! I shall proceed as planned then.

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