I'm an idiot.

TheTradition(9b)December 24, 2012

Last year, I planted an Anna apple tree and a Dorsett Golden apple tree. Unfortunately, one of the trees isn't doing so well (seems to have some sort of disease affecting most of the canopy). I've decided that if it doesn't roar back in the spring, I'm going to replace it. The problem is, I've forgotten which tree is which, so if I try to replace the one that's not doing so well, I have a 50/50 chance of getting the wrong variety. Is there any way to tell these two varieties apart without waiting for fruit?

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I would reccommend doing a little research and finding out the problem...and curing it. If you give us more info....maybe we can help. My experence is: Anna is by far my best low-chill apple. It grows well and fruits well. The apples are crisp! My Golden Dorsett has not done well (little growth), so I can' really be a fair judge there.

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Dorsett Golden blossoms a few days before Anna.

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I ordered some labels and I decided to mark all my trees. The problem is the nurseries do bad job in giving the true names they sell. The nursery sold me a celeste fig tree and after one year I found it is called black jack.

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Which nursery sold black jack as celeste?

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


I did the same thing with my pawpaws. I ended up purchasing 2 more varieties that I know I didn't have before, but you are restricted with the low-chill apple varieties.

Even if you know what you have it's difficult to always have pollination success. I lost my male kolomikta kiwi last year so I am behind and will lose at least one year of crop.

The best tip by far is to make a diagram of your land, and then make copies and put them where you will be sure to find at least one. I am sure to loose something if I put it in a "safe place":)

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That nursery called Willis nursery. I was told by some people that they don't raise their tree but they buy from a wholesaler and their labeling usually inaccurate.

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