Plum/Apricot wish list (branches for grafting)

Gardening_Maestro(4)December 10, 2013


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trading scionwood internationally through the mail is a pretty questionable's how some of the nasty virus and pests we all deal with get spread around

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Rob, So are you saying if you got dormant scions from a friend in the next county you won't have any pest or disease issues? That would be surprise. I do understand the need for a phytosanitary certificate though.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Stone fruits should not be sent from Europe to US due to plum pox virus. Its going to come to the US sooner or later but if people stop sending stuff it will hopefully be more later than sooner.


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Wild forager,

There is always a risk of bringing in disease or pests when you bring in living material that has not been screened.
If I trade with someone in the next county it means risking disease that is already present in our population
If you trade internationally you risk brining in an entirely new set of problems....for everyone,by importing new pathogens or pests into the region. I am fairly certain it is illegal.

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