Would I be crazy to buy a farm?

greenwood85(6b)January 31, 2009

Most people say yes, but it seems like new small organic farms are popping up all over the place and thriving. So I'll ask the folks who know. Would I be crazy to quit a good job to become an organic farmer? Is it possible to be successful as a start-up in the current political/economical climate in our country?

I am seriously considering a change of career. I've heard rumors that Obama may offer grants or incentives for farmers willing to practice responsible farming techniques(use of cover crops, crop rotation, etc.). That sounds good.

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Yes, yes you would.


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buckstarchaser(5 MI)

Most people who successfully leap into a new thing like farming would try to do it as a hobby first. After that hobby starts to pay for its self and you believe that if you devoted your full time to it that you could make a living off of it... Only then would it be an actual GOOD idea to become a full-time farmer. It may actually be very hard to get a loan for a farm if you don't have a business plan or the equipment or an agricultural job to use as a reference that you would be capable of farming on your own.

I recently bought a house. My credit score is very good, my income is better than it needs to be for the loan and I had plenty of money to put down a full 20% payment. Still, with today's loan market they had me jump through so many silly hoops to be absolutely sure that I was safe for them to give a loan to. Generally there are several checks but this time it was quite ridiculous. I imagine that for a high risk business loan the requirements would be even higher.

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