Help- new to orchids - big wet brown spots on leaves

ChulinhoFebruary 5, 2014

Hello all,

I am a total newbie to orchids. I bought my first one (a beautiful white Phal with plenty of flowers) on a sale in a market last Sunday and took it home. I then placed it in a corner not far from a window on the 5th floor (so plenty of light, but not a lot of direct sunlight, as it is usually overcast).
It has been only 2 days since she arrived and a few brown stains have become much more noticeable now. They are humid to the touch. One of the smallest leaves is completely bent over the pot, like if it was wet. The flowers look healthy and beautiful, and I have not done anything to her yet: no water, no food, no fertilizer, since she arrived (3 days ago). I am attaching a picture.

Those spots don't look too good to me. Could anyone help me to understand what might be going on and how to prevent more damage? Many many thanks in advance.


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Another example of the brown spots

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another one...

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Sorry about the quality of the pics... I need a proper phone :)

Isn't it beautiful? The flowers don't seem to have any issue so far. One of the flowers about to open up has a very yellowy-pale color, as if it was going to dry up, but does not feel dry when touched.

Thanks again for looking!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The plant has probably been over-watered. Find some complete Phalaenopsis culture notes on the net that relate to Southern Europe.
This conversations page has very little activity, go to the discussions page where there are numerous past pots about the complete culture notes and past posts and if you are still puzzled, post additional questions there.
Good luck and with good care those flowers will last ages.

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