Gibberellic Acid

ms_minnamouse(7a)March 18, 2009

Has anyone tried using any Gibberellic Acid on any of their orchids? What did you use it on, did you dilute it, what were the results?

I'm thinking about trying this but my orchids aren't getting enough light so I'm not sure that it's a good idea until I put them outdoors for the summer.

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I tried GA extensively on a wide variety of orchids back in the Dark Ages. I had absolutely no detectable response!

As I vaguely recall, the concentration was ~ 18mg/gal of 10% GA in a powdered form. 90% is also available however, it's just too concentrated (and co$tly!) for experimental use by a hobbyist. I can understand using the highly concentrated GA when applying from a crop duster across a soon-to-ripen crop.

I know that my GA was good. It worked on other plants, as expected (tomatoes, beans, etc) in the concentration described above. Maybe, orchids need a higher dose?

I have read (but don't really know) that if AOS Judges get wind of GA being used on flowers to be judged, they get very miffed. Something about deception. In my case, I didn't know where to find AOS judging back in Olden Times!

What is your GA source? I need to get some fresh stufff!


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Hi ms_minnamouse,
Perhaps you should post this interesting subject over on discussions.

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hey, ms_minnamouse!

arthurm has a fine suggestion.


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No, you guys! GA is used to make people talk orchid gibberish!

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Isn't Gibberellic acid hellishly expensive? I just started using Alcohol to keep my kids happy. Our last speaker had huge Cymbidiums and said he added Vodka to his fertilizing routine with greatly enhance growth. No mention about flowering. When I asked him why Vodka, he said that the cheapest Vodka in large size at a bottom rung market is cheaper that ethanol. Has anyone tried it? I'm going to post it on discussion. He said he mixes the nuclear option which includes fertilizer, Super thrive, Sea Weed Extract and alcohol.


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What does ethanol have to do with the TOPIC?


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I use it on my orchards to encourage reblooming on stems that have already bloomed. Gibberellic Acid will help the dormant buds on the stem to grow and produce more blooms.

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Is it ok to keep fertilizing after the orchid sends out buds, or do I stop fertilizing immediately?

I know I'm not supposed to fertilize after the flowers are in bloom.

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