Help with first Mini Phal

andrea_152July 21, 2013

I received a mini phal for my graduation in May. I think it is a Wiganiae based on resemblance from photos I found online. Long story short it was in moss, switched it to an orchid coarse bark medium I bought from HD. It didnt turn out to be the best choice for my orchids and saw a bad case of root rot. I switched to hydroton I purchased from my local hydroponic store and since then I noticed a new leaf growing which gives me hope it won't be a lost battle at saving this orchid. My set up for the orchid is a play off of the sphag n' bag method. I don't have a plastic bag big enough to cover my whole set up and I feel that having the humidity tray underneath is enough humidity for my orchid without the bag since my room stays pretty warm during the day and night. My orchid is at a south facing window and I just wanted some advice based off of experience with root rot and lack of roots of when this little gem might grow more roots. Also I've been treating the root rot with 3% hydrogen peroxide straight out of the bottle and pouring over the rot. After 4 treatments there is not as much sizzling or bubbling which I think is a good sign but I will continue with the treatment a few more times until it has completely stopped.

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I am not an expert but like you I have been seeing improvements on my orchids (Phals). I have learned that root rot will destroy the plant so having air flow, and air roots (if any) is vital. Do you have holes in your pot? I am not familiar with hydroton, but I'm sure that I have seen all the water being sucked out, or emptied out completely in some videos. I would give the plant some orchid food every other week to stimulate root and leaf growth. It has helped mine tremendously. Good luck...

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