humic acid/fulvic acid in compost tea

daveainva(Z6/7)January 21, 2006

I found a recipe for using fulvic and humic acid in compost tea. The local garden store has "Fine Earth" which has humic acid. Do I need more? Where can the two ingredients be purchased?


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Everything I have read about these "substances" tells me that if you get sufficient quantites of organic matter into your soil they will be there and you need not spend large sums of money obtaining them. The soils that will benefit most from these are almost sterile and have bery little OM and hterefore very little life in the soil.

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if you have been organic gardening a million years you probably don't need to use humates and humic acid...we here in america have depleted most of our disturbing soil, plowing, tilling, roads, building etc....also compaction, also pesticides etc..roundup...if i was starting a small garden, i would begin by using the ruth stout method, start in fall...learn to make your own compost, learn how to use humic acid to soften soil (deep) back minerals using volcanic rock dust...the dirtdocter says you may have to till once in beginning....also add biochar (once)...the indian

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Much of the research I have seen tells me that it will not take a million years to get humic or fulvic acids in the soil, just adding adequate quantities of organic matter will do that in 3 to 5 years. Keep in mind that Howard Garret, the dirt doctor, also has a retail sales operation that sells many of the magic elixirs he tells you that you need.

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