Tomato greenhouse temp/humidity ???

oosul(z8 az)January 9, 2008

I built a greenhouse for my tomatoes and they seem to be doing great!

But I put a 'Wheather Channel 915MHz wireless weather station, made by LA CROSSE Technologies,

in the greenhouse to see temp and humidity.

Well, yesterday it said it was 125 degrees F with a 97%RH!

And today it was 124 F with 55%RH! I didnt water yesterday so that explains the decrease in humidity,

but i cant help but think that those temps might not be good,

despite how well the plants are doing. Or is there some connection between

temp and humidity that if the humidity is high enough then plants can still thrive in higher temps?

Any and all advice and help please!

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this would get better answers in the greenhouse forum but i think those temps. are way to high. where is the weather station located? if its in direct sunlight all the time that could be effecting the temp. do you have any ways of cooling the greenhouse like shade cloth or fans? you need some way to have air circulation like an open door or vent or preferably a fan or you will have problems. and even if your plants do great in those conditions it wont be comfortable for you to be out there working in it.

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Can you comfortably work in that greenhouse?
If you can go there and are comfortable there is a problem with the weather station because you could not be confortable at those temperatures. In Arizona it is quite easy for greenhouses to reach those temperatures if adequate ventilation is not provided, in the summer a closed greenhouse here could get that hot. If you do in fact have those kinds of temperatures you tomatoes probably will not set fruit and you need to ventilate to get those temperatures down into the 80's at least.

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75-85 degrees would be optimal with the good humidity levels you have stated. i fully agree with the fact that you need to provide air current, diffused light & vents. i don't know what way you are planning on polinating the tomatoes if they are open polinators, but you could seriously hurt yourself in that kind of heat/humidity combo. please be careful...

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we'll i have to dis-agree, due to the fact i have been doing some controled experments with high heat and high humidty i have so far pushed temps up to 119f with relit. humd. @ a constant 82% and the outcome is a turning point in growth rate as it has exceeded 64% over control of 85f humd.50% even co2 only incres, growth rate to only 39.9% max @optum.cond. how ever due to the extreme nature of the high temps working times in my green house has been set @ 5mins max every 3 hours so it can be done and it does not effect any of the genetic growth patern everything i have done has been closly record for furture review...DO NOT TRY THIS IT TAKES MANY YEARS OF EXPS(DO NOT TRY THIS) PLEASE>>There's a reason we can only work 5mins every 3 hours,this is heat that can kill a person in less than 20mins.(DO NOT TRY THIS)......See ya on the Discovery Channel

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My GH experienced similar conditions this spring, as I did not have a ceiling vent. The sensor was behind a post and about two feet off the ground so the readings were reliable. The result was the toms never ripened - they turned orange and in time black!

If I was going to try to grow in there again, I would add one of those hydraulic vents that open when the temps reach a certain point.


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