Earthquake in Virginia.

orchidnickAugust 23, 2011

Today (Tuesd 8/23) the East Coast suffered a 5.8 quake. I was driving home (Southern California) listening to a talk show when he got a call from a compatriot on the East Coast. After the obligatory discussion of the rarity of such an event there, this question was posed: "What do you call something like this in SOCAL?" I think he was looking for a definition of where a temblor stopped and it's called an earthquake. Anyway, the answer he got was: "Here we would call something like that Tuesday"


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westoh Z6


I work in Dayton, OH and at @2:00EST I was at my 1st floor desk trying to figure out a problem with an OLAP Cube (Techno-geek babble), never felt a thing but according to local news it did sway some of our 10+ story buildings to the point they were evacuated. Dayton is @500 miles from the epicenter of the 'quake, but again according to new stories, there seems to be more of a widespread incident here on the right coast as opposed to the violent 'localized' quakes on the left.

I'll take our tornadoes and thunderstorms to the 'quakes and 'canes any day...


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

If we had a 5.8 quake, i might not be typing this because the construction of this house is not for earthquake prone areas.

Its like the weather, lowest max this winter was about 10C and everyone was complaining how cold it was. Winter heatwave by Northern USA Standards.

So Nick, when the big one comes, will your house remain intact?

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Depends on the epicenter, probably all of us will suffer damage. I have a friend who has a 2 story house near the epicenter of the 'Northridge' quake about 15 years ago. Her house suffered about $100,000 worth of damage. One house in her neighborhood collapsed completely, others suffered no damage other than everything falling down.

I make regular sacrifices to the deity that controls these things. Just this week I sacrificed a gorgeous Blc George King Serendipity to the Earthquake God (EG). I hope it will be appreciated, don't know if the EG knows anything about viruses, this plant's flowers showed color breaks but to a layman it still was beautiful. Maybe I should spring for the occasional chicken or even a goat. A virgin would be best but we don't have any around here.

I would NEVER live in the tornado alley or the hurricane area of the US, the people that live there would never live near the San Andreas fault. I look to intellectual giants like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian, if they elect to live in SOCAL, it must be OK. In the end it all works out.


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