carrots in the compost

reneyda(z7)February 21, 2008

My husband was just diagnosed with cancer. In order to feed and detox, he eats tons of raw, organic vegetables. I am presently getting the garden ready for an-all-organic vegetable growing season. We juice about 75 pounds of carrots a week... which makes what looks like to me a lot of good veggie waste to put in the compost pile. Could I just bypass the compost and put the fine fibered leftover mush of carrot waste straight in the garden? Does anyone know what the N-P-K of composted carrot waste is?

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)

That should be fine as long as it is covered with soil or mulch to ward off fruit flies. My prayers for your husband as I hope he gets to remission quickly and vanquishes the "C" word forever. I am guessing, but carrots should be something like 5-3-2 NPK.

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Thank you so much, Virginian. I will make sure to bury the carrot fiber. I just read that I can put all veggie waste through the blender and bury it in the soil. It's a lot of work, but bypassing the many weeks of composting is good news to me... don't have much time now with Spring rapidly approaching.

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i wouldn't bury it, personally. i'd just plop/slap/sprinkle/fling it all on and then cover with something..leaves...hay...seems easier than burying, to me.

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I usually put the mash from vegetable juicing into my compost because it is good food for earthworms. I want to attract them to the compost. The mash breaks down quickly. I have also used the mash to make vegetable stock.

I hope your DH is drinking lots of good water to help speed those toxins out of his system. May recovery be blessed with success.



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Thank you, Hooray. I will probably plop/slap/sprinkle/fling when I don't have a lot of extra time. My grandson will think it's fun.

Lorna, I will add some to my compost to attrack earthworms. I am still trying to get my husband to drink more water. He gave up cigarrettes, sweets, eats mostly raw, organic foods and has cut down on coffee, but only drinks about half the water she should be drinking. I am proud of him for what he has accomplished so far.

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Doesnt fiber help to take toxins out of the body? Is it better to eat the carrots or juice them?

Just wondering.....

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Vegetable juicing produces concentrates, which can be beneficial cancer fighters. Yes, fiber helps the body to properly eliminate toxins. One can mix some of the pulp (I call it mash) back into the juice. If you do a search on juicing, you will find there are various recipes (combinations of vegetables) meant to assist in curing different health problems.

I had a friend who heard about juicing and instantly became a fanatic. He was primarily using fruits, drinking 2-3 large glass of juice per day. I cautioned him that he was taking in large amounts of sugar. I told him he had not properly researched what he was doing. He ridiculed me, and insisted that he did know he was doing healthy things for his body. He soon became very ill. All of that sugar had put him over the edge. He was ill with diabetes (runs in his family). The doctor told him no more fruit juice. Carrots are high glycemic, so pure carrot juice can be a problem for diabetics and hypoglycemics. It is important to do some reading up on juicing before undertaking a juice cure. There are rules of thumb and cautions to consider. For instance, parsley is a powerhouse of good things for the body, however, pregnant women shouldn't drink parsley juice.


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In the process of researching what true nutrition is all about, we learned that only 1 to 33% of the nutrients that goes through the digestive system reaches cellular level... compared to the 92% in liquid form.

When we ingest foods contaminated with pesticides and inorganic fertilizers, additives, artificial colors and chemicals, our cells use whatever nutrition we feed it to protect the cells with none of it actually feeding the cells.

Besides, my DH could not possibly eat as many carrots (48 large carrots a day) as he needs to get the amount of vitamin A, antioxidants and enzymes required to fight cancer. He is taking a blend of fiber supplements that provide the fiber... along with tons of raw veggies and fruit that he eats everyday.

Lorna, I agree with you about the high glycemic content of carrots. I cannot drink that much carrot juice for that reason.

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Sorry if I sound angry on my last post... I was only trying to be concise.

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I wish I had pointed out that not using organics for juicing is a huge mistake, Reneyda. You made an excellent point. I only juice organic produce. Because juice is a concentrate, if one uses conventionally grown produce for juicing, there will be high levels of chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides. Not good!


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It's been quite an education for us. This is a complete lifestyle change. We used to think that eating healthy was drinking skim milk and buying 10% less fat in our bacon.

Though it is a lot of work, I am so happy that we are eating to feed our bodies and not just to satisfy our taste buds. It is amazing how quickly our tastes have changed. Raw, organic foods taste so much better. The thought of eating a piece of rare steak or even chicken is nauseating to me now.

The health benefits are incredible. I was healed of debilitating hot flashes from which I suffered for ten years. Medication and supplements did not faze them, but after only one week on this diet, no more hot flashes! I am not sorry to see those go, thatÂs for sure!

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