WANTED: Have orchids to trade

allymarie(zone 10, So. Fl.)May 18, 2014

C.Skinneri Alba
C.Skinneri in 2"pot
Encylclia Alata
Encylcia Cordigera-a form of
Oncidium Floridium
Aechmea Del Mar-bromeliad
Aechmea Blue Tango-bromeliad
Aechmea Blanchetiana-bromeliad
Billbergia Pyramidalis-bromeliad
Neoreglia Tangerine- bromeliad

This is my trade list.I listed broms because I have more than orchids.I have big and small broms if interested.I'm aware this is an orchid forum but as I said I have more broms than orchids.Please email me at allymarie59@aol.com.


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allymarie(zone 10, So. Fl.)

Have orchids to trade I meant to say.I am looking for catts, oncidiums, encyclias or any warm growing orchids that will do well in So.Fl.


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