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barbaraak(6)March 7, 2009

Something occurred to me last spring as I was preparing an "organic as possible" vegetable garden.

The water source is quite far from the garden. I use 2 x 100' hoses to bring water up. I realized that if it isn't safe to DRINK out of garden hoses, it isn't safe to have my veggies full of that water, either...especially 200 feet of it, lying in the sun! I also thought about what kinds of leftovers the hoses are probably made of, and what a variety of unknown poisons could be in them.

So, I went looking for a hose-END filter, and found one (can I mention brand names and web sites on here?) It's advertised to take out all sorts of impurities, including the lead and plastic (which we could smell and taste) and chlorine and its buddies (it's city water.) Sure enough, the difference in smell and taste was night and day. I used it all spring, summer and fall. I plan to get a replacement in a week or two, for this year's garden.

Sorry, being a newbie, if I've posted something everyone already has talked about enough. Just remember that the filter is needed at the END of the hose, just before the sprayer or sprinkler, etc.

Barb in Cincinnati

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Yes, you can mention brand names.

I also thought you and others interested in the hose/lead issue might enjoy this.

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Some, not all, garden hoses might have water that might contain lead, or other potential toxins, if the hoses are left out in the sun full of water. According to Consumer Reports some hoses had no more of these toxins than did the water at the hose bib, sill cock. If you leave your hose laying out in the sun full of water it would not be a good idea to spray that first bit of water on your plants because that water could get hot enough to burn the plants foliage, but once the hose is cleared and you are getting the water flow with the same water you get from your kitchen faucet there is not a problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lead in garden hoses

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This place has great filters and great prices, atleast I think so. Works well, and doesn't destroy my microlife in containers when I am out of rain water. TiMo

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If you are concerned about what is coming out of the hose, you might also want to look into what your indoor plumbing is made of. A list if possibilities: galvanized steel (zinc coating), sweat copper pipe (may have lead soldered joints), PVC (who knows), PEX (it's new!) and polyethylene.

Your water supplier will provide you with a list as long as your arm of test results for the water it supplies to you. Most if not all of the items tested do not include the impact of the plumbing in your house. If you know what you've got in your water, you'll have a good chance of selecting the right filter or treatment method to remove what you don't want. Otherwise, it is a shot in the dark which could cost you more than is needed.


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Most filters eventually clog up or use up the filtering media. With the huge amount of water I suspect the average gardener would use the filter is probably no longer filtering. Plus all those bad things are now trapped at the end of the hose. Ever open up an undersink filter that hasn't been changed in a long time. The smell from it is terrible. I stopped using mine, figuring everything I drink is being forced through the toxic waste trapped in the filter.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

I had asked this question in the soil/compost forum regarding a hose end sprayer for avct application. I got a variety of mixed responses and am still not sure how I feel about it. If it were just me I'd spend the $100 or so for a high flow double filter from the link above, but I've already spent more on the garden this year, than the wife is happy w/.

Here is a link that might be useful: My thread from s/c

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Why not purchase a 'drinking water safe' hose? Lots of companies manufacture them.

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OK, I found the hose-end filter I used and plan to use again. Anyone who thinks that what comes out of a hose is hte same as what comes out of a sink needs to read what hoses are made of, how toxic many plastics, etc. are (and remember that cheap hoses are often made with recycled materials of unknown origin) and SMELL or TASTE The water that comes out of our 200 feet of hose. I learned in college organic chemistry (I was in pre-veterinary) that if you can smell or taste something, IT'S THERE. Particles of the substance are what causes smells and tastes.

Anyway, here is the URL:

--- a plastic hater ;-) (Have a look at this... not my site:)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Sands hose end filter

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