WANTED: Following cultivars

adolfAugust 28, 2006

LC. Amber Glow Mid Florida FCC/AOS

L. anceps '50th Anniversary' HCC/AOS

L. anceps 'Ballantinei' FCC/RHS

L. anceps 'La Reina' HCC/AOS

L. anceps 'Marble King' AM/AOS

L. anceps 'Marble Queen'

L. anceps 'SanBarSuperSplash'

L. anceps var. alba SM/MOS

L. anceps var. disciplinata (lineata striata)

L. anceps var. guerrero 'Manon' BM/JOGA

L. anceps var. lineata 'Fort Caroline'

L. anceps var. lineata 'Mendenhall Stripes'

L. anceps var. Oaxaqueana 'Dolly'

L. anceps var. Roeblingiana 'Crothers' AM/RHS

L. anceps var. semi-alba 'Dawsonii' FCC/RHS

L. anceps 'Vestalis Figment' AM/AOS

L. anceps 'Wings of Phoenix'

BLC. Apricot Flare 'Ta-Tong' AM/AOS

Lycaste Auburn 'Santa Barbara' FCC/AOS

C. aurantiaca v. alba 'White Magic' FCC/AOS

Odcdm Bittersweet 'Santa Barbara' HCC/AOS

C. Bob Betts 'Miami Shores' FCC/AOS

C. Bob Betts 'Sestina' FCC/AOS

BLC. Bonanza 'Wasatch' FCC/AOS

BLC. Bouton D'Or 'Lewis' AM/AOS

C. Bow Bells 'El Retiro' FCC/AOS

C. Bow Bells 'Miami' FCC/AOS

C. Bow Bells 'Snow Flake' FCC/AOS

SLC. Brandywine 'Gigi' FCC/AOS

Pot. Carrousel 'Crimson Triumph' FCC/AOS

L. cinnabarina 'Amazon' FCC/AOS

LC. Culminant 'La Tuilerie' HCC/AOS

SLC. Dixie Jewel 'Suzuki' FCC/AOS

C. Earl 'Imperialis' FCC/AOS

LC. Elizabeth Off 'Sparkling Burgundy' FCC/AOS

C. Enid Alba 'Orchidhaven' FCC/AOS

LC. Excellency 'Orchidglade' FCC/AOS

Phal. George Vasquez ÂEureka FCC/AOS

LC. Golden Concolor 'Inca Gold' HCC/AOS

BLC. Golden Slippers 'Caliph of Baghdad' HCC/AOS

BLC. Harlequin ÂAct IÂ (want 3) AM/AOS

SLC. Hazel Boyd 'Sunset' AM/AOS

LC. Hwa Yuan Angel 'Red in Snow' AM/AOS

LC. Irene Finney ÂYork AM/AOS

BLC. Iroquios Trail 'Midfarm' FCC/AOS

LC. Joseph Hampton 'Majestic' FCC/AOS

LC. Kalama 'Lillimae' FCC/AOS

BLC. King of Taiwan 'Splendiferous' AM/AOS

Encyclia lancifolia

C. loddigesii v. puntata 'Marisa' FCC/AOS

C. Loddiglossa 'Spots' FCC/AOS

L. Lookalike 'Santa Barbara', HCC/AOS

BLC. Lorraine Malworth 'Orchidglade' FCC/AOS

C. Lucille Small 'Marshall' FCC/AOS

C. Mary Ann Barnett ÂExquisita FCC/AOS

C. Mary Ann Barnett 'Easter Parade' AM/AOS

LC. Maryland 'Penn Valley' AM/AOS

BLC. Meditation 'King's Ransome' AM/AOS

Milt. Melissa Baker 'Ontario Splash' AM/AOS

BLC. Mem. Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton' AM/AOS

BLC. Mem. Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton' Mutated var. AM/AOS

LC. Mildred Reeves 'Shantel' AM/AOS

BC. Mount Anderson 'Jeri Sue' AM/AOS

BC. Mount Anderson 'Sissies Dream' AM/AOS

C. Mount Baker 'Vashon' AM/AOS


BLC. Norman's Bay 'Countess' FCC/AOS

BLC. Norman's Bay 'Hercules' FCC/RHS

BLC. Norman's Bay 'Low' FCC/RHS

BLC. Norman's Bay 'Lucille' FCC/AOS

BLC. Norman's Bay 'Royal Bride' FCC/AOS

LC. Pamela Farrell 'Woodlawn' FCC/JOS

LC. Persepolis 'Splendor' (want 2 more) AM/AOS

L. purpurata v. SANGUINEA


LC Royal Emperor ÂWade AM/AOS

C. Ruth Gee 'Diamond Jubilee' FCC/AOS

LC. Sheila Lauterbach 'Equilab' (want 2 more) FCC/AOS

Phal. Sierra Gold 'Suzane' FCC/AOS

BLC. Six Bells ' Peace' AM/AOS

C. skinneri v. alba 'Debbie' FCC/AOS

C. skinneri v. alba 'Florecita' FCC/AOS

BLC. South Ghyll 'Orchidglade's Hikari' AM/AOS

Den. Spring Jewel 'Miki' AM/AOS

LC. Stephen Oliver Fouraker ÂAddison AM/AOS

L. superbiens v. ALBA CBM/AOS

L. tenebrosa 'Rainforest' FCC/AOS

C. trianae ÂJungle FeatherÂ

C. trianae 'Premier' FCC

C. trianae 'The Baron' FCC/RHS

Pot. Twentyfour carat 'Lea' AM/AOS

C. warscewiczii ÂCELESTE x AMIELLEÂ

C. warscewiczii ÂHartmanns #9

C. warscewiczii ÂJUNGLE ROSEÂ

C. warscewiczii ÂLows FCC/RHS

C. warscewiczii ÂMercuryÂ

C. warscewiczii ÂVenusÂ

C. warscewiczii 'Firmin Lambeau FCC/RHS

C. warscewiczii 'Frau Melanie Beyreut' FCC/RHS

C. warscewiczii 'Leo Holguin' FCC/AOS


C. warscewiczii V. Sanderiana

C. warscewiczii V. Sanderiana ÂCLAIRÂ

If you want to sell or trade, e-mail me at Adolf.Neumann@21CSI


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It looks like this system trancated my e-mail address it is :


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Have loddiglossa spot but want to know when fcc was awarded. You must have seen it somewhere then to want this clone.

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This post is 8 years old

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