Dividing phalaenopsis?

elberethJanuary 26, 2012

Does anyone have any experiencing in propogating phalaenopsis by division? I know they're monopodial, but I believe I read something years ago (I don't remember where at this point) about dividing phals by cutting off the top portion of the stem along with the leaves and some aerial roots which can then be potted up separately, and leaving the bottom portion to produce new growth. Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you,


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Don't do it!!!


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Hi,I can understand you wanting more plants but that is a big risk,you might end up loosing both halves,my advise enjoy you plant,pray for kikies keep it healthy, and hopefully you will be rewarded,wait on deviding untill your absolutly sure it will work. Good luck.

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I have a phal that has flowers and on the same stem seems to be getting more flowers. I am new at this and wonder if it is flowers or a Kiki?

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lol @ nick!
but seriously, what you're talking about is usually done with vandas, your phal would have to be a monster before that would be possible with any real chance of success, and if it was that big you'd likely have some keikis to satisfy you.

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I've done it with success - once! It was a large, ugly Phal and had roots a foot up the crown. I cut below the aerial roots and potted. I left the base alone and it sent out a basal keiki. The crown sent out a keiki also.

I wouldn't bother doing that again unless it was something special. It takes time to adapt and the base takes a long time to leaf and finally get big enough to bloom. You look at a pot of roots for a long time.


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See if you can find some Keiki Paste. I've heard tell that you can get keikis from the flower stem from an unbudded flower node. Thus cloning your own plant.gb

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Ginnibug, this is what is happening to me. I posted photos of it in another post. What is Keiki Paste and what do you use it for?


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