Neglected orchid going to bloom - i think?

nanzey(z10/So.Cal.)January 27, 2012


For the first time ever I think an orchid is going to rebloom for me.

I received it as a housewarming present in October 2010 when it was in bloom (Phal).

I never cut the bloomstalk and it never died back until about 2 months ago and then only half. I am the great procrastinator.

Then a few weeks ago, what I thought was a root, pierced through one of the leaves.

I believe it is a bloom stalk?

As you can see, it is leaning towards the light.

I am totally thrilled that I finally live somewhere with the proper environment for orchids, but I'm thinking maybe I should stake it or something?

It doesn't feel very flexible so I'm not sure what to do.

And should I cut the old one off? half way or at the base?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Nancey From garden

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westoh Z6

Yep, that appears to be a spike on the left.

If it were mine, I'd cut the old spike about 1/2" up form the bottom, move the stake to the left side and slowly (starting with the upper 1/3rd of the spike), slowly start bending the spike to an upwards position using twist ties or clips to hold it to the stake. I'd also consider leaning the stake initially and slowly moving it more upright as the spike can handle the bending. In my experience, you can get that spike to grow more upright like the old one, but you have to be very careful and do it in very small 'steps'.

BTW: At this point don't turn the plant or the blooms may get confused about which way to open. (It appears it hasn't been turned much lately anyhow).

Good growing and good luck,


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