sick phal with wilted leaves

philpetJanuary 25, 2012

Hi, I'm new here. My problem is I have a Dtps that got too much water and the leaves are now wilted, I removed the rotted roots and the spike that was blooming, the root system was not very bad I then repotted,the thing is the leaves are still limp and now it is sending out a new spike, it has been maybe three weeks since I repotted it, should I remove the spike again or leave it , I am concern that because the leaves are limp allowing it to bloom might kill it , please help me I really would not want to loose my plant.

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can we see pictures? i wouldn't let it bloom, not until it's healthy, but that's because i would rather have a live plant than a dead one with flowers.

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Well I would also recommend cutting the spike this time around too. I've had this problem once and I cut the spike and then I purchased a bottle of Super Thrive. I must say, that stuff is amazing. You add I think it's 1 drop for every gallon of water and after a couple weeks my plants started to go crazy. I purchased the Super Thrive about a year ago and to this day, I continue to use it about once a month with my other orchid fertilizer and my plants are very happy. It's great when you need to revitalize any plants in your home. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

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Hi,I really wish I knew how to post a picture but I have not lernt as yet,I removed the phal from its pot last night and was very happy to see some new roots branching from the old ones. Still I think you guys are right about cutting the spike. I tried getting the superthrive before but I live in Jamaica and I have tried everywhere with no sucess, is there something else that I could use that would give the same results?I really love my plants and would try anything to make it happy again, thank you guys for your tips, much pics when I can.

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You need an internet photo hosting site. There are free ones like Photobucket or Flikr. You upload your photos to the site. I use Photobucket.

The site will allow you to choose different formats for your photos. You copy the HTML code for the photo you want to post and paste it in this box. You will not see the photo in this box.

Go to "preview message" and you should see the photo there. If you don't see it, then you have done it wrong. So you have to delete the code and try again.

On this forum, they have links, above, for instructions. Also they have a "test" site where you can practice posting photos. Sometimes I forget what to do, or the right code to use, so I go there and practice.

Once you learn, it will be a lot easier to show people exactly what your problem is so they can help you solve it.

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Here is a link that might be useful: sickphal

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philpet, I too use Superthrive regularly on all my houseplants, orchids & otherwise. The best deal is at their homesite on the 'net. Waaaaay cheaper than in stores, where it is pricey. A tiny drop goes a long way, as disorchids says...

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Ok all so I finally got my hands on so superthrive, I cit the spike repotted in some moss and applied the superthrive and trust me my baby leaves are slowly holding up their heads, I am so happy,thanks to everyone who helped me and reccomended superthrive, it truly is a wonder worker,I am going to make sure I keep it on hand. Can I also use it on african voilet?I am trying to get new plant from leaf cuttings,also what sort of soil mix should I place them in.thanks again.

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