opinion on Martha Stewart organic seeds?

rathdrumidMarch 16, 2011

i can't seem to get any information on them. Really organic? not some giant evil company?

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jonas302(central mn 4)

Isn't Martha Stewart a giant evil company?

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Martha stewart may be a giant company but even with several TV programs, a magazine, some other ventures probably not evil. Martha Stewart is trying to show people they can really do all the things themselves that many today pay real giant evil companies to do for them. Kind of a modern day back to the land movement.

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grant_zz(USDA 10a / Sunset 17 / AHS 2)

well, they've got to be sourced from somewhere, martha stewart inc isn't producing them. might look into where. if they're certed, they're probably ok... ?

as for opinion, well.. baker creek seed co is still in business (as is burpee), and while msi might market some information that qualifies as encouraging people to take some of their life back to the land, which is great, the tons of garbage (outdoor patio furniture etc) they're branding and shoveling into big box stores like home depot, most of which is un-sustainably manufactured, far abroad, and shipped / trucked all over the place, says something very different... i would not object to them in the way i might be inclined to in the case of, say, truly evil entities like monsanto, the republican party, chevron, the new york yankees, lady gaga or dow chemical, but i wouldn't line up to buy anything from them, either.

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I purchased a packet of Martha Stewart 100% certified organic( USDA ORGANIC) tomato sweetie, cherry tomato. So far, the germination rate is very good, over 80 percent. On the back of packet, it read "all Ferry-Morse organic seeds are 100% organic in complete accordance with the organic standadards..."

Ferry-Morse seeds under Martha's Living label.

If I read the packet carefully before I purchase it, I would not have purchase it because I had poor result with Ferry Morse certified organic seeds last year. Given the GREAT results I am having so far this year because I am better equip and more knowledgable, I am starting to wonder if my poor results last year with Ferry Morse seeds were the mistake of a novice

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feijoas(New Zealand)

I just choked on my mungbeans!
If Martha Stewart is a leading-light in any kind of "back to the land movement", it's a pretty different land than mine!
I imagine it populated with attractive miniature livestock, tended by recent immigrants who create charmingly rustic crockery on their nights off to be sold at great expense online.
Sorry, apparently I'm feeling a bit facecious.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I would much much rather give my money directly to seed companies, than to the MStewart machine.

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Sometimes we over do the whole Organic thing.
I know they have organic coffee, what next organic cigarettes.
If you want Organic seeds, try:
www.territorialseed.com or www.seedsavers.org.
I do not think the packaging company care if your seeds are truly organic. Martha may care, but she does not have the time to check.
Most companies want the $$$$$ & do not think you can tell the different, because they can not.

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I bought 3 packets of Martha Stewarts organic seeds 3 weeks ago and out of planting about 30 watermelon seeds, only 1 came up, out of about 30 cucumber seeds only about 7 came up and they do not look good at all, and out of about 30-40 basil seeds, only 1/2 came up and they aren't really growing much. I've grown veggie gardens for over 20 years and these are the worst seeds I've ever gotten. I'll never buy them again.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I'll never buy them again.

Amen to that. Over-priced seeds that are readily available from many, better sources for less $$ and very likely better quality too.


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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

All the politics aside, Martha's seed packets use much more packaging than is needed. I don't know if that's to look like there are more seeds in each packet, but to me it is just more polluting plastic junk. That's the reason i don't buy them.

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

Martha Stewart really needs to come out with a "best in the world organic fertilizer" new line of wonderful products. You must purchase a starched white doctors coat prior to use to prove to people it is official and better. Rant over....for now. LOL

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Never fear, organic cigarettes exist.

So do organic adult diapers.

So why can't poor Martha have a line of seeds, labelled however she chooses? Or should I say, labelled however a group of people in a boardroom chooses?

As as...wait for it...it's a good thing...

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I bought almost every thing she is selling because Home Depot had a 50% off sale and there was little to buy organic from burpee. For years I've only bought from Bakers creek and purchased $200 worth of seeds since winter.
I couldn't pass down on the price since I'm not rich. Every single Sunflower germinated... I started 10. And I just planted a few seeds the other days like pickles etc... they take a week to pop up so I'll let you know.
I'm going to plant some of her spinach and lettuce this week and also Bakers creek and experiment who's seeds are better.
No I do not want to support the millionare, but my funds are tight right now.
Burpee is evil too.... they support Monstano.

Anything labeled certified organic must be organic... it's a huge and costly process to be certified and government is always monitoring and testing samples.

And yes.... the packaging is over the top... wasting too much paper. I think it's a marketing gimmick...

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PS... I forgot... I planted both types of radish she sells and the germination level appeared around 90%. I planted in rows so I could tell.

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I don't want to start a squabble and I won't argue back if someone wants to argue forward, but isn't the whole concept of an organic seed the silliest of first world conceits?

I seriously can't understand how a single tainting molecule of nasty in a single seed can have any effect on the "organic" makeup of any plant and its fruit. It's impossible to put any mathematical measure to it. To me, a reformed self-poisoner who used to worship at the foot of Mount Malathion and who prayed to the Sacred Sevin, the concept seems to be total posturing. I will not feed trace poisons to my family but I'm not going to feed any of them a seed.

Just can't figure how intelligent people can claim there's any real weight to the marketing gimmick of an organic tomato seed. Anyone able to school me?

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Not counting most treated/coated seed...or GMO...

...and for the home gardener, not commercial organic growers...

Organic seed pretty much only matters if you're a purist or you want to spend the extra money to support those who grow organically and collect seed. There's nothing wrong with either of these stances, though not everyone falls into these camps all the time for every crop.

...some who eat microgreens or sprouts only want to use organic seed, but for the most part that's generally not much of a concern, especially for microgreens. As an aside, on the commercial scale there are no seed source exemptions for sprouts labeled organic...they must be grown from an organic seed source with no exemption exception available.

When it comes to residues, you're broadly talking about 0-5 parts per billion of a given chemical contained in 2.5 to 5 grams of seed when ground and analyzed via chromatography depending on seed type and chemicals used when growing them. That's 0-5 ppb spread out over a huge chunk of home garden space given the typical weight of seed. The residues don't multiply within a plant when it's grown...a lot of it never makes it past the initial stages of growth in the seed (early roots and cotyledons) where it's quite small in concentration anyway.

As far as what you're getting out of your own garden and putting into the soil...what really matters is what you've done to the soil and how you grow the seed way more than the seed, itself. Some (mostly purists) would disagree. That's up to them.

Myself...I buy some organic seed from some suppliers because I don't mind throwing them a few extra dimes. I also do bean sprouts organically from seed because I eat a lot of them quite regularly and I have a cheap organic seed source. Aside from that, I don't bother or let it concern me.

Technically, my use of a few tablespoons of chemical fertilizer a few times per year takes me out of the 100% organic realm on everything but my sprouts and microgreens, but I incorporate so many organic measures in my garden that I use it's not like I feel it's a "choose one side or the other" thing.

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I spent a huge amount of time and money on my raised garden beds with new organic soil ect. the first year I had perfect gardens and a couple years ago when I had a little extra space for something I made the huge mistake of buying a couple of packs of Martha Stuart living seeds from home depot, ya I got lazy and didn't go out and find the real organic heirloom seeds I was used to using and now My garden is near useless because of scab disease which came from those seeds.
I'd like to sue that b*tch. what a disaster and now there doesn't seem to be a cure.
She's a money hungry b*tch that should have staid in jail permanently. And home depot is no better, telling me that it couldn't be because of those seeds, when I know dam well it was.
And trying to tell me I'm not a good gardener and it is caused by the BRAND NEW ORGANIC SOIL I BOUGHT, that I had a perfect garden before those seeds were introduced.
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