Audit of NOP

organicdan(z5b Nova Scotia)March 25, 2010

The inspector general of the U.S. dept of agriculture has released their audit of the National Organic Program.

It really lays out the shortfalls under the Bush administration. With some of the recent appointments it does not look to get any better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Overview of National Organic Program

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It's the Bush administration, you knew they were going to lie, they lied about not torturing to the entire world regularly, his whole administration has been a lie.

He was Hitler's child as far as I'm concerned. Why do republicans claim him? He was a national socialist elitist.

I don't like him, but my family thinks he's a god.

He was the worst president for upkeeping preventive measures one everything, including agriculture. He lied about labeling oraganic products being mislabled or was lax in forcing them to correctly label them. Typical of his pro corporate people ownership, his attitude was buy it because I get a kickback for it and suffer with it.

That's 49 pages of reading, excuse me if I only read the first page or two. Not surprised of the outcome!

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The best protection from the insanities of law is to know thy grower. Healthy patches are not that difficult to visit, observe and talk with the grower. Many healthy patches are indeed organic....just not certified. My suburban lot has been organic and called a healthy patch for more that thirty years. Heaven forbid I should pay to be certified just to prove a point.

My garden excess goes out to our sidewalk edge where a sign indicates Honor System....Healthy food grown with organic principles. People often leave the change. Only one or two times some jerk took free produce or grabbed the cash box and ran. Guess that is not to bad in thirty years of honor system merchandising. It started off being a mad money source for the kids. When the kids got tired the neighbors ask for it. Our excess may have found us a couple hundred bucks in the best years.

Sometimes we included flower divisions and extra garden seedlings. We also attracted swap labor. A need was posted, someone responded. We traded that way too. Lawn mowing trades were most common. House sitting was common too.

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