Phal in distress (mold)

davis.mbd(8B)January 1, 2014

I have had this Phal for about a year and a half. I bought it in bloom, the last flower fell off about four months later, and I cut down the spikes. Ever since then I've been keeping it in a south-facing window and watering about once a week.

The newest two leaves look good - shiny and yellow-green. The bottom three are duller and matte. Yesterday I cut off a fourth bottom leaf that had turned completely yellow (you can see the base of this leaf around the pic with the new spike (?) growth), and noticed that there was a collection of mold at the base.

Is mold a death-knell? This plant has been looking pretty lackluster for a while, and the yellow leaf concerned me too. Any thoughts on next steps?


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Here is a pic of the mold at the bottom.

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Doesn't look like mold to me although your potting media looks worn out and wet. Have you repotted the plant since you bought it? Sort of looks like eggs of some bug - ants?

Appears you have a spike, but I would get that plant out of that pot into some fresh media quickly.

Too wet.


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Ug I hope it's not bug eggs! I will definitely repot ASAP, thank you.

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You know, it could be something other than insect eggs, including mold. I just repotted this orchid that is growing inside where no insects that I can see are present, and it had something very similar next to the drain hole where both moisture and air where present. I put cinnamon on the roots when repotting just in case.

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