Orchid stem (spike)

TheresaWA(8)January 3, 2012

I was given an orchid 2 years ago, it bloomed and then as time went by it started to die. I followed the instructions on the tag but nothing seem to help until I received another one last year. I happened to go to Lowe's around the same time and they had bags of fertilizer and planting mix for orchids. I of course bought some and it helped the one that was dying, but the stem (spike) by this point had totally died and was removed from the plant.

My question is this.. how long before a new stem (spike) will grow back or will it ever grow back?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

In good growing conditions a Phalaenopsis should make a new spike every year. Most will initiate a new spike in late Autumn/ Early winter when the plants get a slight cooling down. Some have a different flowering pattern and initiate spikes at other times in the year. It depends on the ancestors.

There are a couple of threads down the page a bit where culture is discussed in Canada and the PNW. The info. there may help.

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Right now the plant is in my kitchen window and gets morning sun. It has gotten new leaves just not a new stem. I even has new root growth. It's been a year since I re-potted it and I should probably do it again. I was just surprised that there isn't a new stem growing and just didn't know if one would ever grow. My other orchid is doing really good and already has a start of a flower growing from the stem.

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