first time bud, but problems???

gregbr549January 29, 2012


I have my first orchid that is about to bloom (I hope). It is a phalaenopsis. This bloom has been the same size for several weeks. The bud is about the size of an almond in the shell. Is there something wrong? Do buds usually take this long to bloom? Do I need to do something differently to make it finish blooming?

thanks for any help,


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Hi,congratulation on getting your first orchid,orchids are slow growers and therefore require patients,once the plant is healthy and getting enough sun,water and fertilizer it will eventually bloom,I have had phals send out a spike stop,and sent out a different spike which grows bloom and then the first spike then finish grows and then blooms,so don't worry just continue to cear your plant,I hopes this makes you feel better,happy growing,maybe a senior member could also shead some light.

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I recently had my first chute and blooms for a phal! I was a little disappointed myself when I first got it it had 6-7 flowers but only 3 this time.... Got on the google and learned there is a bloom booster fertilizer for once A month use and will be starting that upon the flowers exit. The bud size was similar in the almond size but it opens up I am attaching a pic for you! It is kept outside.

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You don't need bloom booster for anything. As long as the plant gets the right light, watering and warmth you will get blooms. Phals need a temperature drop in the Fall to initiate spikes.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There is a lot of information in past threads about bloom booster. Just put Bloom Booster in the search box at the top of this discussions page to find.

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