Lowes plants clearance

poolia(6)January 4, 2014

Lowes has their orchids on clearance for $3 right now. Some have never even been unpacked. Picked up cattleyas, a BLC and some ELCs. Most need some care but none look too bad.

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Good buys. Where are you located?


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I joined the St Louis Orchid society last year and every month that my wife and I have gone we have brought home 1-5 new plants. They raffle off a lot of orchids as door prizes. The cost was $25 for a year so we went from 1 to 25 plants. That's about a buck a piece. The only problem is we're running out of room inside for them and will have to invest in a greenhouse next.

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Jane i 'm in northern KY but Lowes being a chain they may do the same discounts at all their stores

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Thank you,


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I've gotten quite a few of Lowe's orchids in the past--not at great sale prices but better than online sellers. Most have not thrived in spite of my best efforts. I'm now trying to grow a maxillaria I found last fall at Lowe's. Sad to say, a couple cattleyas will probably be tossed soon.

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Two or the three mini phals i picked up have basically no roots. They were all rotted in the TIGHTLY packed spagh around them (even though spagh was soaked it was hard as brick, argh!!!). I repotted them, gave them a rest for a week in a very low light spot of my sunroom and been misting them three times/day. I read somewhere that that is preferable to watering as it may encourage root growth.. Is that true? At any rate they seem ok for now. They are getting the optimum light for phals, temp 75 and the humidity stays at 63-65%. We'll see. My experience is in carn plants, orchids are new to me although their requirements are similar. I expect to loose some at first especially from a box store.

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