mrscrazycatlady(4-5 ontario)January 15, 2014

I was in Home Depot the other day and they had a huge display of cymbidiums. I have never seen one before and they were stunning.

I am fairly new to orchids though I've had plants forever and seem to be having decent luck with my mini phals. I have two questions about the cymbidium. Do they come in a mini variety and is their care similar to phals?

There is only one spot in my house that is relatively cat safe and that is where my mini phals are located. I would love to add a cymbidium or two if possible. And before any one suggests getting rid of the cats, they stay :-)

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Cybidiums definietly come in mini varieties, but their care is not really similar to phals though. Do your mini phals spike and bloom where they are located?

You'd have to do a little research on any Cym you are looking to buy as there are warmth tolerant ones and one's that need it to be cool to cold with a good 20 degree temp range between night and day to spike and bloom for you. If your phals bloom consistently where they are, the temp might be ok for certain Cyms to bloom, but Cymbidiums need much higher light that Phals to bloom well the majority of the time.

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I have not seen any orchids other than Phals at HD. Perhaps time to pay a visit.

Cymbidiums want more light than Phalaenopsis(es?). They are cooler growing than Phals - need Longish pots are recommended because their roots tend to be long.

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mrscrazycatlady(4-5 ontario)

So I guess i wii admire from afar. My phals, which are reblooming, are under a grow light with no other supplemental lighting. Any nearby windows are not close enough to contribute much in the way of light. It sounds like it isn't enough for a cymbidium.

Oh, and the Home Depot I saw them in was in Ontario Canada

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@ greentoe, yes consider the location and elevation Cymbidiums naturally grow in, vs. that of a Phalaenopsis. Some will bloom with Phal light levels, but most need more, like almost enought to burn the leaves to bloom really well.

Also, not all Cyms need a temp drop that low to bloom, again there are different species and hybrids, some that bloom warmer. So it's which Cymbidium you chose, there are many different varieties with different cultural needs.

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