Look what flowered for me without my consent! Yahoo

meyermike_1micha(5)January 28, 2012

I totally forgot about this Orchid I picked up over the summer as a special deal! It was a left over unnamed plant I got at my local nursery for ten bucks~ I think.

I was cleaning and found it behind my huge citrus container hidden form everything else until I cleaned it out! I am almost afraid to do anything with it.lol

I think it might like diffused light or even a sunny morning spot and no hot afternoon sun? It was against the pot facing the East on the ground.

I haven't even got a clue as to the name of it or what kind it is since it came without a label at the time.:-(

I can tell you it's VERY fragrant though:-)


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Hey Mike - pretty nice plant and flowers. I think it is in Zyopetalum, but no clue what species or hybrid. That is a plant that will not survive very long in south LA (not heat tolerant). So I've only seen 'em in photos. Try googling, if you dare risk your privacy!
Cheers - Nancy

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Very nice plant. I'm with Nancy, in that I'm pretty sure its a zygopetalum, and a very pretty one! Don't know anything about its culture..... just that it is on my wish list!! :))

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Sweet, Mike!
In your notes on this one, I guess you can jot down, "Set behind a pot and ignore" ;-)
Has the color of the bloom deepened any?


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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)


Nice plant!

I googled Zygopetalum and found an almost exact image and the following description:

Woodwardara Adelaide Light

This is one of the new Zygopetalum intergeneric hybrids. This is a cross between a Zygocolax (Zygopetalum x Colax) and a Zygoneria (Zygopetalum x Neogardneria). It has heavy substance and a delighful fragrance. Since I think most of these Zygopetalum relatives are not so well-known (at least in the US) here are the abbreviations:

Woodwardara - Wdwa
Zygocolax - Zcx
Zgoneria - Zga
Colax - Clx
Neogardneria - Ngda

The site is Robertas Oorchids. Then go to the page for orchids that like "Lots of Sun" Yes......that's where she has them! But yours seems to have proven her wrong!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Another casualty in the great renaming. According to The RHS the name is now
Neopabstopetalum Adelaide Light which was produced by Adelaide Orchids in South Australia. I agree that it is probably a Zygopetalum Intergeneric but looks like doesn't count for much in the orchid identity stakes.

Anyway, these orchids are supposed to be easy and some people have a lot of success with them. I guess it reinforces "stick to what you can grow".

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What a beautiful flower! It has such interesting coloring... just gorgeous.

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Nancy: Thanks! I have seen them on e-bay and was thinking the same thing. I am thrilled to have this surprise I tell you:=-)

Beetle! Thanks too. I guess you like hanging out here too. I wonder why? lol

Josh! Thanks and great idea.lol That is exactly what I did. I stuck it under the leaves of my citrus again alhough it seems to like the sun too. It smells fantastic!

Hello Bill. Wow, that is a lot of info. Thank you for hooking me up. I can see what you mean. They seem like and easy plant to care for and that is my cup of tea for sure.

Arthurm: I think you are right! I hope so. It seems to have thrived on neglect for sure. Now the hard part and to try and neglect it again.lol

Jessica: Thanks for your kind words. I am amazed at how beautiful orchids can be. I was looking at Cattleya today but I have to keep my money safe for now. My family love this plant.


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