galvanized steel fencing

Rain_FrogMarch 4, 2011

Hello, I am new to joining the forum but I have been browsing it for years. I recently decided to get back into gardening and purchased galvanized chicken wire from Home Depot to keep rabbits out of my garden.

According to several sources, including posts on this forum, galvanized steel is very safe to use for a vegetable garden. However, I wanted to ask myself just to be sure-- if the zinc in galvanized steel could leach enough in quantities to be harmful to plant or human health.

This article said that galvanized steel's zinc shouldn't be toxic:

Is there really much of a concern for lead or cadmium leaching from the fencing? True, I'm not watering my garden with vinegar, so I won't be intentionally creating zinc salts, but part of the fence is going to be buried under the soil (where it will be exposed to moisture all the time) to keep rabbits out of the garden.

On a related note-- assuming things are safe to use-- I think I may need more than 50 feet that I purchased. Does anyone know of a recommended place to buy 100 feet or more for a cheap price?

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What heavy metals that do migrate from the galvanized fence and get into your soil will not move around in the soil very far. Don't plant closer than about 6 inches to the fence and your plants will be okay. As long as you don't till the soil any closer to the fence then that you won't move any of them out into the garden. Good mulches will help with weed control and the additional organic matter put into the soil from them will help buffer what might end up in the soil.

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Any leaching should take years, we have galvanized hog wire ( 4" X 4")on the farm in 5 pastures & it last for 35 years.

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