Watering Orchids on Vacation

gardenscents(8)January 28, 2012

Here is what my husband concocted to keep my orchids hydrated while we are gone a couple of weeks.


Here is Snow ballet in full bloom. Unfortunately she is rampant with mealy bugs this year. Too warm? Too humid? It stays 75% humidity in that room with the number of plants in there.


In the back is a white dendrobium that has bloomed continously for years and years and is finally putting out so many kikis that I think she dying. But she's given up about 20 new plants!


RuthAnne in SC

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When I grew under lights, we would go away twice a year for 2 weeks. We just watered the heck out of them the day before we left and then turned off all but one light per tray. Then as soon as we got back, we watered them thoroughly. Most of the plants faired just fine. What I'd be worried about if I were you would be the mealybugs. Keep that plant far away from the rest and try to get that under control before leaving. At the very least I'd be spraying the heck out of that plant as well as the surrounding plants with horticultural oil mixed with water.

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I agree about the mealy bugs. I have been spraying them and battling them all winter! I put a night blooming jasmine outside to freeze because it was covered. For now things are ok but I'm sure I'll have some work to do when I come home. My friend took the large Snow Ballet home and I told her to cut off the flowers and spray. I'll spray again when I come home. So frustrating. I let off an insecticide bomb with all the plants inside at the beginning of the winter too!

Thanks for the advice! I can always use advice as I'm always learning.

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bgian(New York)

wow that snow ballet is amazing!

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