my paphiopedilum won't

woollady(z8 CA)January 11, 2014

hello, i have a mottled leaf paph now for 3 years and it hasn't bloomed since i bought's in a small pot,has 3 new leaves on it,and is under lights,a little stronger that my african violets.what else can i do to get this one to bloom?it sits on same shelf as all my phalaenopsis.they bloom every year for me.any tips of help will be appreciated,thanks

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3 questions:

What kind of lights are you using and how close is the plant to the lights?

Do you have a name for the plant?

How big is the plant (leaf span)?

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woollady(z8 CA)

hi terpguy,thanks for responding.i have regular plant lights on it,the kind that fit into a metal fixture.about a foot away,because of the heat. the plants tag says:ox-detailer x ruby mist 16-08. the larger older leaves are 6",smaller leaves about 2-3".knowing this can you tell me what to do for it?it's under very bright i said,the phals and afr.violets are blooming or putting out spikes.thank you

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I suspect your plant might be a bit too small at 6" leaf span. To get this you are measuring leaf tip to leaf tip?

However paphs can sometimes need just a touch more light than phals, even the mottled leafed paphs. I'm assuming by "regular plant light" you are referring to 4' fluorescent tubes. If that's the case then a foot away is too far. These tubes generate little heat and you can put it within an inch and it will be ok. I would raise it up to at no farther than 6" from the tube, if not closer.

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woollady(z8 CA)

hi terpguy,yes i measured from tip to tip.there is the original plant and then a new set of leaves that have come up too,they have a couple that are 6"long.i don't have it under fluorescent lite,it's under a regular incandensent plant grow light,150 watts,puts out lot of heat,that's why it's about a foot away.thank you again

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For many reason I suggest you replace the bulb with a cfl.

Are these also in front of a window or is this their only source of light?

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I agree with Terpguy. Replace the bulb or add another light.

Personally, I had better results with CFL's than plant lights when I started plants from seeds. Unless you buy a specialized plant light, best to use a CFL at the highest wattage the lamp will hold.

When a healthy plant refuses to flower, it is not getting enough light.


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westoh Z6

Couple of questions:

That plant may like it a bot cooler than phals, what is the normal temp around the plants?
When was the last time it was re-potted?
You say there are 3 new growths, is that new leaves or are there any new plantlets developing around the base?

My general experience is that you usually need multiple growths on a Paph for it to bloom.

I would: Re-pot and give more/different (CFL or LED) light.

Good luck,


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Bob, this is maudiae breeding so temps shouldn't be a problem indoors.

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westoh Z6


I saw a thread from a different site that mentioned that P. "Ruby Mist" may need cooler temps?

Isn't everything on the internet accurate ;-)


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woollady(z8 CA)

hello to all who answered,there is an original plant in there and a second plantlet too,the temps around the plant is 66-70 degrees.i will replace the lite with a cfl,when could i expect to see it bloom?thank you all so much! was repotted a year and a half's in the same 3" pot from when i bought 3 years ago.

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For a six inch LS plant, absent further info, I think a 3" pot should be fine.

I just feel like it's either the plant is a tad too small or, as Jane and myself have noted, a light issue. Either way, a plant that size in good culture should bloom in a year or two.

Bob, they are all complex colorata with little variation in culture needs. Lump them all together and round them up to warm is a pretty safe bet.

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woollady(z8 CA)

thank you terpguy ,for your thoughts.i hope this plant will bloom for me,the flower was beautiful.i didn't know that these plants could take forever to bloom.

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westoh Z6

I just realized it had previously bloomed. Does it have any new growths? Not new leaves from the top of an existing growth, but a whole new tiny plant starting from the bottom or sides of the existing growth.

In my experience, Paphs will not bloom from previously bloomed growths.


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woollady(z8 CA)

hello westoh.yes,there is a totally new plant next to the original one,it has some leaves that are 6" you know when these typically bloom?thank you for your time.

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Good catch Bob, I totally missed that!

It should have bloomed by now from the new growth. I'm now in the camp of give it more light

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