Are these cymbidium pseudobulbs healthy?

elberethJanuary 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

I just bought a cymbidium and was hoping to get a second opinion as to the health of the pseudobulbs. One pseudobulb is fine. The three others are rather yellowish and a little shrunken, but firm. The leaves on those bulbs are slightly more yellow than on the healthy bulb. Should I be worried? The plant is flowering so I'd rather not pull it out of its pot to check the roots, unless the problem warrants it.

(Unfortunately I can't figure out how to include pictures with my message. Anyone know how I could do so?)

Thanks in advance!

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If they are firm and solid, they are probably alive. A lot of water will assure their demise! When in doubt, keep the plant dry until you can remove from the pot.
If the plant is new, it is more than likely planted in something inappropriate to keep it upright and alive just long enough to be sold.
Regards - Nancy

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