I have spikes!

dakota01January 17, 2014

I am so excited that 2 of my phal orchids have spikes! I have no idea what I have done "right", and I can't believe I actually have 2 orchids out of 4 with spikes.
I have soooo many questions that I could ask of the experts on here as to
Ight, temp, fertilizer, etc. but, yet I have SPIKES! Apparently, I have done something right, I just don't know what. I am certainly am amateur with orchids.

I also have one that has rebloomed by me cutting at the nodes after it originally flowered, that was certainly sheer luck, but I was happy that it happened.

I was using Grow 7-9-5 as my fertilizer , then I read here that I should use a balanced fertilizer to promote spikes. I recently bought Jacks 30-10-10 but I'm Leary of using it, since the Grow must have been what helped set the spikes.

Should I continue to fertilize with Grow or lay off for now? Should I switch to the Jacks? On my orchids that are blooming, should I not fertilize until they'd are done bl�oming?

My orchids are in bark, I water or ice them once a week, fertilize every other time w/ half strength or a little higher.

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No luck, you did a good job growing them! Congratulations!!

I don't 'ice' nor believe in it. Orchids do not get ice cubes as water. Just water with normal room temp. water.

You would need to give more information on how your plants are being grown.

Where do you live? What is the light? What are the temps? What are they potted in? If you have a photo, please post it.

Again, congratulations


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Congrats on the spikes!

You can't attribute the spikes to the fertilizer. Orchid growing doesn't quite work like that. Like jane said, it's because you gave them good culture.

The grow is balanced enough. Balance doesn't have to mean exactly even. The numbers are percentages, so as long as they are relatively close your fine. Ditch the 30-10-10. Good quantity of PK, way too much N.

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Jane and Terpguy, since these are just add ice orchids, that's why I have iced, at least this time of year weekly or every 10 days. I do try to only water or ice on bright days so the crowns have time to dry before it gets dark
When I fertilize every couple of weeks. I water them w/spring water then fertilize them.
The 2 that set spikes / one of them is in my bathroom that is a bit chilly but gets decent morning filtered sun.
The other one is sitting very close to the window and the temps have been pretty cold for the last couple of weeks. But, it gets more sun than the other one, enough that the leaves have a reddish tint.
The other one that I got to rebloom after I cut just below a node, is also in a fairly cool room, but very close to a morning and afternoon sun. This one also gets a fair amount of artificial light from a lamp. Unfortunelt, I may end up losing this one to crown rot, I just noticed a fairly large spot on the crown and with it blooming I'm afraid to cut out the spot.

A month ago I was having a problem with my heat and those three orchids where in the coldest rooms 60-65 for a good 10 days. Maybe that drop cause them to set a spike?

I am in PA, which has been pretty cold and limited high sun days for the last couple of months.

Should I stop giving them any fertilizer now that they set the spikes? Should I not fertilize a blooming orchid?

After my others finish blooming should I repot with fresh bark?

I ask these questions as I have read conflicting info and wanted your thoughts,
. Sorry,,I have. Of idea how to post pics.

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Yes, but wait for Springtime when you should see new root growth. Your flowers should last for months.


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Yes to all questions. Feel free to keep fertilizing. The drop ultimately was responsible for setting the spikes (this is usually the key ingredient in good phal culture), and as Jane said do repot in the spring.

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Nice job :) I have mine in a chilly corner in a North window and they are all spiking, except one that I am convalescing. That one was given to me in rough shape. It was CRAM PACKED in Sphagnum moss and has just one poor aerial root. I just clipped off all the dead roots and repotted in a 50/50 wood chip and NZ Sphagnum. We'll see what happens...
Anyone have any tips as to whether/when I should fertilize this plant to induce new roots?

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