Getting Stanhopea to bloom?

ms_minnamouse(7a)January 18, 2014

I can't get my Stanhopea to rebloom. I've actually never been able to get it to bloom. I don't even remember which species of Stanhopea it is anymore.

It's in a basket with coconut chips and dyna-rocks. I have it on a rack over a tray of pebbles with water for humidity. It gets light from a South facing window. A Phalenopsis and Epidendrum made due with this amount of light. As far as I know, Stanhopea doesn't need a bunch of light.

In the warmer months, it goes outside for more light but not direct.

I usually use 18-18-18 diluted fertilizer on it but have switched to a bloom formula. I can't remember the #'s though off hand. I think it's Miracle Grow bloom formula. I was able to get my phal to finally open it's buds with it.

I also add iron chelate, epsom salt and Superthrive, although not every time.

? What am I doing wrong? How do I get it to bloom? It would be nice to finally see some flowers..

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I will caveat this with I haven't grown stanhopea so I can only speak from a brief 20 second internet search but according to my sources it appears stanhopea can have a range of light requirements depending on the species. Most do need phal-ish light. But I found a few species who that seem to need more than that.

I'm in z7 as well and even my phals get some direct sunlight during the summer. Assuming its large enough to bloom, I think you need to increase your light.

Hopefully someone with more experience in this genus will chime in.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I'll ask the dumb question. Is the plant in a basket where the emerging buds can make their way through the potting material.
In the link are pictures of Stanhopea grown as garden plants here in Sydney, Australia. I can assure you that Phalaenopsis would not survive a year in that spot which gets some morning sun but has protection from the worst of the hot afternoon sun.
Average Temperatures
Summer Min 17C Max 27C
Winter Min 7C Max 17C
Extremes 42C High
Low 2C
No snow ever.
Maybe you have to vary your inside out routine a bit and take your plant outside a little bit earlier in the spring and bring it inside a bit later in Autumn.
Widely grown around here as a garden plant by non orchid growers.
Humidity, sometimes it is other times it isn't, depends if the wind is coming in from the pacific ocean or blowing from the interior of the continent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stanhopea & relations pics

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