should I remove the Keiki

philpetJanuary 28, 2014

Hi guys, so I have this very huge phal which lost its roots and it sprouted a baby plant. Now my problem is the baby now has two roots but the mother none should I remove the baby and give the mother the chance to focus on herself or should I leave it on the mother plant some more. The mother plant has very big firm leaves they are not drooping or wrinkled just no roots. Your advise would be welcome. I will post another pic so you can get a better look at the keiki. Thank for any sugessions. VELLETA

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Pic of baby keiki on mother.

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At this point from the pic it looks like you can if you want. But it could be quite a show if you leave it on. Both mama and baby can bloom together.

And I would probably wait until spring to do it.

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Thanks terpguy, but won't supporting the baby put more stress on the mom? Seeing she has no roots of her own? VELLETA

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Sorry. I tend to read these kinds of posts with just a quick glance and missed that mama is rootless. Yes, mama would benefit from having this removed in this case

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Thanks terpguy, I would love to save both plants so I will remove baby and pot in a mix of bark with a little spag seeing its still small but the smallest size clear pot I have is a four" would that be too big. This is my second keiki and I waited until the other was very big to remove. Also the other one was sprouted from the bottom so it had a good root system when I removed it. Thanks again. VELLETA

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

As I recall you live in Jamaica? If so there is no need to wait to spring. It will take pressure off the mama. You need Maxi-crop. It is norwegian seaweed juice that is a root stimulant. Truly a game changer that all your orchids would love every 2 week. You will notice a change it the roots right away. All plants like it too.

When you take it cut the spike very low. Use the spike to drive into the potting mix. The spike may need to be cut to be the right size for the pot.

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Thanks shavedmonkey,and yes I do live in jamaica. Unfortunetly I can't get Maxi-crop here but I can get superthrive so I suppose I will just have to pray it does the trick. I will remove it on saturday when I get the time hopefully they both will be ok. Thanks again. VELLETA.

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