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a-mazingMarch 17, 2011

I have a square foot garden that we water when necessary from our shallow water well. I was wondering if there's in danger of plant damage from the minerals in shallow well water? I know they sometimes have high levels of sulfur. Also we are in coastal SC probably about 5 miles from the coast and I'm not sure how that would affect the water. Could it possibly have high levels of salt?

Haven't noticed any problems but was curious as to what problems I might have over time.


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As long as you can drink that water it is fine for your plants. If you suspect there might be a problem with that water you can contact your county health department and have it tested for potability. Sometimes there are charges will other times there will not. Often people that are in business to sell you a water conditioner will test your water for free and then try very hard to sell you their product.

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How shallow?
I have a pump at 100 feet in the Midlands of S.C.
But kimmsr right, if you drink it & it is safe for you, then it is safe for your plants.
A lab can & will test it for you if you like.

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