Cymbidium situational care wisdom needed

FoxGardenerUGA(7b-North GA)January 16, 2014

Alright, so last weekend I was able to propagate a few things from a friend's greenhouse and one of the things I just had to have was a lovely maroon/red blooming cymbidium. It just so happened that the pot was literally bursting with pseudobulbs, and one was growing out the crack in the side of the pot. It also happens, this pseudobulb had 2 bloom spikes in peak on it. So I pried it out, unfortunately with almost no roots attached, cut the spikes and gave them to my girlfriend to enjoy in a vase in her kitchen, and potted up my little trophy in some orchid bark labeled 'for epiphytic orchids phalaenopsis, epidendrum, dendrobium, etc'. I will also mention, this pseudobulb has a little initiate of new growth that is not visible in the image because I planted it deep enough that it doesn't show, in order that the plant might stand upright in the pot.

So my questions are thus. What should I do at this point to try to get it to root properly, grow vigorously, and live beautifully so that I might grow it into a clump of my own?
It seems to be somewhat stagnant at the moment, and I'm wondering if I've done something wrong. If so, please tell me what, and how I might rectify that, if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The problem with single bulb divisions is time, you need at least three pseudobulbs before the plant is big enough to flower.
So all you can do is give it good growing conditions through the warmer months so that it will grow the new pseudobulb.
Sometimes (if you are lucky) you might get two new pseudobulbs.
Find some complete Cymbidium culture notes written for GA.

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Pull the bulb up out of the potting media, only have the lower 3rd of the base covered with media, at the most. You'll rot it out if you bury it lower just to keep it sitting upright. If it won't sit up in the pot on it's own, you haven't packed the media around the roots tightly enough. Cyms like lots of water spring through fall, so don't be afraid to keep it a little wetter than other orchids if it's hot out.

Keep it drier until it sprouts a new bulb and begins to form new roots, then you can increase watering slowly. Increase your light slowly if it's hot out, it can take much higher light levels once established well.

Good luck with it!

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You've done everything you can at this point correctly since it has little if any roots. Eventually it will form new roots at which you can repot and allow about 70% of the bulb to show above the potting media. Give it about 50% filtered shade all year. In summer it should never be allowed to dry out so water about 2-3 times a week and fertilize. It will need to get at least 3 good size bulbs before it can flower.

For more cymbidium info go to -

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FoxGardenerUGA(7b-North GA)

Great, thanks for the advice and help!
I'm excited to see it develop!

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