Better to buy a young orchid and let it acclimate?

bgian(New York)January 30, 2012

Hi everyone! I am deciding between buying a den that I really wanted, a larger more expensive plant in spike now, or buying a younger NBS plant. Have you found you have better success overall of growth/rebloom if you buy the plant young and let it acclimate to your conditions? (I'm just windowsill growing)

Thank you for your opinions....

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I do not think plants acclimate to your/my conditions, they can do well or just sulk or even worse, die.
You might decide that if you pay $8 to $10 for a small plant it will be worth waiting say 3 years to see a bloom.
Then there is the choice of buying clones or seedlings? I buy a lot of seedlings, sometimes you are lucky, other times the blooms are just so so and other times the plants just grow and never bloom.
Sorry, orchid growing is a bit of a lottery, have a look at my latest post over on the gallery where there are two seedlings, one clone and one freebie that no one wanted for evidence of the lottery bit.
Why did I buy the clone? Because I like green flowered Cattleyas.
I'd suggest you buy the larger in spike a year or two you might be able to divide it, sell half and then the notional cost is nil.

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My advice, when asked, is to buy the largest plant you can afford. A strong, healthy, mature plant will have a better chance of getting used to new conditions than a younger plant. I seldom buy 'genetic' seedlings as you really don't know what you are getting unless you see the flowers. If I do buy seedlings, I'd get at least 5 of them, keep the best when they bloom and push the others off on silent auction, regular auctions etc.


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