Organic Gardening and Lyme

ricocaApril 9, 2012

Hi I have a few quick questions about lyme. My son and I have been avoiding any kind of chemicals and have done everything all natural for about 6 months now. Every year we always plant our own garden of string beans, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, ect.... We always have great results, never have usede any chemicals. This year I bought 4 yards of top soil, and for some reason my husbands decides to put and mix in lyme #5 in it, he says it kills the bugs and insects naturally, I am versy sceptical about this, and my heart dropped when I saw him putting that all out. Am I over reacting, or are my concern right? My son and I have lots of allergies and I was told to avoid lyme for both my son and me. Does this go away? Everything I have read about lyme says that it takesw months to completely go through the soil and is recommended to be put in the fall, can you give me any good news? Or were my suspitions right? Will the lyme be in the food it grows? Please, pleaqse advise.

Thank you in advance



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I am assuming that you mean Lime. I have never heard of Lime # 5. Just what does the label say?

Lime has nothing to do with pests but everything to do with the pH of the soil. There are different kind of lime but they are all calcium. It's generally not advised that lime be added unless the pH of the soil dictates that it is needed. Too much of it can throw the balance of the soil off for many months.

IF it is lime that your husband has put down, I don't believe that you or your son have anything to worry about. Calcium is in pretty much everything that we ingest....all of the time. It's a required plant nutrient. Your own body is packed full of it.

I'm wondering if he has applied 5% Sevin. Just look at the label.

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It's powdered limestone rock: calcium carbonate, and if it is dolomitic lime then it also has about 10% magnesium. Without it, in many regions, there would be little horticulture.

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