Zygo new growth

jbw1984January 26, 2014

Hello experts and orchid-growing folks-- I have a Zygopetalum that is starting to show new growth. I bought it around Thanksgiving with two big spikes full of buds, but the buds never opened. I cut them when it became clear that they were not going to succeed. I am not sure if this was because of a change in environment when I took them home or something that happened before I took custody of them (it was the only plant in the store of several with no opened buds).

Anyway, my Internet searching suggests that I should fertilize starting in March or so. But if the plant is showing new growth now and didn't fully bloom last cycle... will it be okay to start fertilizing it now? Is 30-10-10 appropriate?

Thank you.

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A lot of plants/trees in so Cal are doing things early this year. If your plant is in bark, I would begin using moderate amounts of 30-10-10. If it is in anything else, I would stick with a more balanced fert.

Matt, formerly of so Cal for nearly 40 years.

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Thank you Matt! Your comment about bark sparked me me read up on fertilizers. Glad to learn something new.

This one is indeed in bark and I went ahead and added he 30-10-10 fertilizer this morning -- will report back in a few weeks on results!

But I am now considering acquiring other kinds of fertilizer for some of my other plants.

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