Snow on the way, what to do?

forapple(USDA9)February 25, 2011

Hi all,

The forecast calls for snow and record low this weekend. I have two Vandas hanging in the front porch. Normally I just move them to the garage at night when it gets to 40's.

Tomorrow, it will dip into the low 30's, not sure if I should move them inside the house. I'm just afraid that it might be too big a change and they might not like it but also don't know where else to put them. What do you think?



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highjack(z6 KY)

They will prefer the house to the cold. Of course move them inside.


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Thanks, Brooke. I will put them in the coolest place in the house so they are not too stressed from the temperature change.

It may not snow after all, so disappointing... everyone was so excited about the first snowfall in 35 years.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Don't rule it out just yet...
There's supposedly more snow on the way tonight/tomorrow.
Even without snow, temps will drop.

We had snow today (Auburn), and got out of school early.
Best of both worlds: out early on a Friday, and all the students were able to enjoy
a snow day that we won't have to make up in June.

Good luck this weekend!


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Josh, you're lucky. It wasn't cold enough when the rain was here so we didn't have snow. Maybe it's time to head to Tahoe :)

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