voles (?) in vegetable garden

engk916(6/NJ)April 17, 2009

i think a vole is eating my pea seeds - something is digging them out and leaving neat 2" wide holes in my garden. I tried liquid fence, but it only seems to work on the rabbits/deer, not these things that are eating my pea seeds.

Does anyone have an idea on how to deter these pests? I thought I could use the castor bean oil but found out it's toxic, so not recommended for vegetables. :)

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

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I have never had to deal with voles, but I heard that morth balls stuffed into the tunnels would deter them. It might be worth a try.

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Try used coffee grounds (I mix it with shredded leaves). They don't seem to be too fond of the UCGs and stay away from the areas where I apply it in the gardens.

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Hi, I had voles giving me a hard time a few years ago, ate all my Monarda roots and any seeds I put out. I got a live mouse trap, put some decon poison in it, and every few days had one of my boys empty out the fur and bones. Worked fantastic!

Good Luck

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