Turkey manure compost OK for organic??

right_coaster(NC Zone 8)April 29, 2008

This may sound like a dumb question, but does composted turkey manure pose any health concerns in an organic vegetable garden? I have always used mushroom compost from the garden center but I can get a truck load of composted turkey manure from a local mulch company for really cheap. I know that store bought manure like Black Kow comes sterile so there is really no concern.

Here is the text from the company that sells the composted turkey manure:

Our compost is produced from ground pine bark blended with turkey manure. Our compost is turned, watered and aged to achieve the optimum pH and nitrogen levels.

I just want to know if there are any concerns with using this. Thanks for any advice.

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composted turkey manure should be fine provided it is properly composted. That goes for any composted manure. If you are getting it by the truck load then the facility is likely nearby. Why not take a youngster with you as a field trip and visit them to see for your self if they are doing a clean operation. at the same time expose a young mind to what organic materials for gardening is all about.

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Turkey manure, like any other poultry manure, may be okay depending on the source. Many of the large Turkey "Farms" (factories) routinely feed large amounts of antibiotics that may be in that manure and these are not something you want to introduce into your garden, or your environment. Ask about this and smell the compost before buying any. If it smells like good, rich earth and has no residual antibiotics it may be something to add to your soil.

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There are organic products to "clean up" harmful residue in manure & litter, as well as organic compost aids, organic oddor control (for manure & litter) & organic "fertilizers". Organic fertilizers that utilize effective microorganisms are a very good option that can improve water retention, loosen soil, reduce garden pests & weeds. some sites I've found are; www.biorichsoils.com www.biologicalservices.com www.ecands.net and www.supergreengrass.com Check it out. It works for me.

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Any Organic "Fertilizer" that will improve water retention, or improve drainage, loosen soil, etc. is simply very expensive compost that you can make at home. There is no really good reason to spend that much money on those products when the same thing can be accomplished with freely available material, for most of us, right around home.

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