randy(6-VA)February 22, 2014

Anyone able to give me an idea of how long it takes a potted bletilla orchid to bloom from dormancy to flower under normal cool greenhouse conditions?

I want to have several of these in bloom for a birthday gift in a couple of months.

Thanks so much for your time.

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

I do have ground orchids but not that one. I'll try to find one. I do not think it is possible to have an orchid bloom on a desired date. They have their own calendar. You can retard or advance the bloom date a little but not much. And if you get very young plants it may not bloom for years depending on the particular orchid. These a generalizations. With 30 to 40 thousand natural species and all the various crosses I would not be surprised if there are exceptions.

My valentine phal is very late this year. We had a very warm December. I think the first bud will open in a week. Fortunately my valentine is patiently waiting....

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Randy, I'll try to help but although mine are potted like yours, they are kept outdoors during the winter unless it goes down into the teens or low 20s. So they have fluctuating temps and growth cycles though the cold weather.

My plants started growing around Christmas, the first buds in early to mid-Feb from immature growth. So I would say a month, month-and-a-half, although I have had some growths in the same pot bloom early, while others individual growths there as late as early March. Since all the growths do not bloom at the same time, some years there are lots of flowers at a time, other years they just have a single growth blooming at a time,

Good luck.

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