Paph in pleased!

greenclaws UKzone8aFebruary 19, 2010

Hi there, not been on the orchid forum for a while but was so pleased to spot a bud forming on my Paph that I just had to log on here again! It was the one my neighbour gave me in Feb last year in the hope I could ressurect it...and keep it myself...hehe! It's put on a lot of new growths since I've had it. Never having grown one of this type before I had noticed what I thought was a new leaf, but over a couple of days and not checking it, it was today plainly obvious it was a flower stalk emerging. Will it have a solitary flower on this one stalk?

I have no idea of what the flower will be like as I think the label is just an illustration of a random Paph...but if it does turn out like the label I will be well pleased! Here's a couple of pics....will be back as soon as it opens to show you.

My other orchids are doing really well..the Christmas Phal from 2007 that I wrote about has now been in flower for all but one month to date.

Thanks for looking, Gill.

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This is so exciting! This plant looks so healthy with so many growths that I can't believe it was in poor condition just 1 year ago. Please post more pictures when it opens up. Thanks for sharing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Paphiopedilum Orchids

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How exciting for you. Isn't it great to feel successful with your plants. Please do post a picture. ginnibug

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Thank you both for responding.
The little plant has put on four new tufts of leaves since I got it last Feb and there are at least three more groups of tiny leaves about half an inch long developing around the base. It will be interesting to see what the flower is like when it opens, so I will get back to you with a picture as promised.
I feed it each week with a Baby Bio liquid orchid fertiliser and flush it with plain water once a seems to like it! It's in a west facing window during the day. Think I will stand the pot and saucer in a bigger saucer of water as the link advises humidity to prevent bud drop and the room is rather warm during the day as we have the central heating on a lot at present.
Thanks again and for the link you mentioned, regards, Gill.

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I too just got one from a friend for the same reason you did..I have no clue what to do with it.

But after coming here and seeing how beautiful yours is doing and what you said worked for you, I just might give it a try..

If I can't find that fertilizer, I wonder what would be a great orchid fertilizer to use?



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