Going Organic!

hummersteveApril 6, 2014

This is the first year for me to attempt to go totally organic for all my plants and veggies. Even my cuttings that Im overwintering have only had vermicompost and liquid seaweed as food/nutrient value. One difference I have noticed in my cuttings from past years is that with the vermicasts in the pots the cuttings never seem to droop as in the past. In the past after giving them miracle gro or and seaweed they would after a week or droop but not this winter.

Anyway Ive only been doing the vermicomposting for about a year but now for this season I will have enough to try on all my outside plants and vines and I can hardly wait, mainly waiting for a sustained warmup. And when those first leaves appear I want to make and add some worm tea made from the castings. Im hoping the tea will deter some of the aphid attacks on the vines.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Comparing growth during 2 different seasons, even if using the same methods, etc, as the previous year, proves nothing.

The only way to prove that the "new" way is better than the "old" way is to run side-by-side trials during the same season.

Then make that a blind study in which the treatments are evaluated by a 3rd person who doesn't know which plant is receiving what treatment..

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Let me just add this-- my observation does not come from just two seasons. I have been overwintering cuttings for many years and it was always the same , after a period of days they would droop- this year they did not. Some believe , other do not believe in the power of the worm.

"Cleopatra considered earthworms sacred- decreed that removing earthworms from egypt as punishable by death".

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)


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hummersteve, sounds like you are having fun with your worm wrangling. You aren't asking for help or advice, so folks should just congratulate you on your choices. For me -- going organic isn't about comparing yield or anything else to any other method. My goal is to simply grow the best organic fruits and veg that I can, and as easily as I can.

My cold compost piles are always loaded with worms and the resulting compost is magical. These guys make quick work of whatever I toss in the pile. Side dressing with this compost and replenishing the planting holes after harvest per square foot gardening principles is all I do. I've not tried making tea with it, as I haven't felt the need.

Here's a snapshot of some 4x4 raised planters in my little plot. Note that the plants were started last Fall and have gone through the Winter. This was right before I side dressed with compost:

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