Puzzler - lots of buried socks - why?

Baby G (Z10, 300?CH, SoCal-LA)(10)April 21, 2014

Ok, here is a question for all of you gardeners who have been around the block. Why would someone bury socks?

My friend bought a house that has two raised beds and lots of potted plants. She found lots of socks buried in both. No other kinds of cloth.

My first thought was maybe they are being used as "browns" in composting. My second thought was some sort of slow release or animal control.

Have you ever heard of someone burying socks in their raised beds and plant pots?

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planterjeff(7b Grant Park Atlanta)

maybe they used them as water retention. Basically as an organic sponge, kind of like some use peat moss. Who knows.

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I bet they had a couple of teenage boys who played lots of sports.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Its where the name square FOOT gardening came from. ;-)


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Possibly to wick water down into the soil?
Or they have insane dogs like mine - sock fetish.

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I once saw a video where the guy placed fertilizer in a pantyhose, tied it in a knot and set it on top of a container he had planted in. Perhaps these people did something similar? Personally I mix my organic fertilizers into the soil, but to each their own....

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missymoo23(z9a Tx)

One of our dear departed dogs had a thing for socks. She would swallow baby socks whole and then poop them out. (Labrador) Sounds like a dog thing to me, probably buried treasure!!

This dog also loved my husbands underwear..... it was the most.....fragrant.....

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Putting hair in socks were supposed to deter deer and rabbits.

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